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What a blessed treasure trove of John MacArthur'sermons and other resources. He is the best best Christian, Reformed preacher of our times. ALL of his sermons are available for FREE downloads. Highly Recommend.

Great way to get the Word while driving or working. And it's from one of the greatest teachers as well. Pretty good

I love this app. It is full of great sermons, devotionals, bible studies and broadcasts. I only gave it 4 stars because the grace stream section seems to be glitchy. I will be listening and it will stop over and over. I hope they fix it. Perfect!

It was a great app. However now I can't even open it. It just hanged and does nothing whenever I open the app Worth it!

I used to surf from the gty web till now. But now it's in my mobile... can browse anywhere... any time from one of the best pastor-teacher whose resources I had been using since 1999. Thank you so much for making this available. Perfect

The only reason I did not give 5 stars is I really would love to listen the whole sermon on the topic chosen without stopping and having to backtrack to get to the next sermon . Love the app other than that and want you all to know that teachers of the Word like John MacArthur are absolutely needed at this time in this crazy and confusing generation. I will change the app to 5 stars if you will change this. Fabulous!

Its part of my daily devotion and it never ceases to amaze me how God uses these messages to speak or reinforce truth in specific ways. This app gives me a much enjoyed feast of while foods on Gods table...thank you and may God bless every word spoken. love it

Believe in that jesus died for our sins and that God had risen him from the dead, so that all of the sins would be free of the the people that believe in God's son Jesus Christ Amen. Pretty good

Unleashing God's truth one verse at a time, May God bless you pastor John MacArthur And your ministries You are a blessing to many people in this generation. Glory to Jesus Christ for your commitment in preaching God's truth. Highly Recommend.

I love that it's downloadable for offline use. Thank you to all involved in making this possible! Go well

Great sermons but since I updated to Android 7 the app freezes on the loading screen every time. Noticed the same happened with the I'll be honest app Good

Love, John Mcarthor and his faithful teaching. The audio in the app quits often on my Samsung Note 8. I switched from a Windows phone were the app worked perfect until the last version update that made it unusable. I am praying that these issues will be resolved because the truth of God's word, that John teaches must not be hindered. It is the truth that sets us free. David Jeremiah's app works, RC Sproul's app works as well as others. Please fix these issues for the sake of many hungry souls. Thank you. Surprisingly

The app crashes every time I open other apps, including the study Bible. Also, I recommend to 1) have a search engine for when looking for a specific podcast; 2) include more of the Q&As; and 3) incorporate the daily devotionals in the app so they can be viewed offline too. Works perfectly

Love the preaching, but the app leaves a lot to be desired. Every time a notification on my phone occurs, the app stops playing. Well done!!

Rev. Macarthur And his ministry speak of the truth. You may feel it is not what your culture demands you or makes you feel uncomfortable and yet that's the message of LORD Jesus Christ which kicks in your soul to heal you from the bondage of sin. Oh, BTW great APP! Works perfectly

Aside from John McArthur himself, this ap is very buggy. It turns off frequently and I have to repeatedly press the main button on the front of my S7 to restart the ap. When listening to the streaming broadcast, it shuts off every 2 to 3 minutes. Very annoying. Pretty good

I love the reformed teaching. God bless all the ones preaching the true word of GOD. Marvelous

The Truth is spoken here, a must have for a committed relationship with your Savior. Perfect!

Best sermon app for free!! One of the best teaching and biblical views to this day. love it

The best teaching i have come across. Thank you for your ministry may the Lord continue to reach many with the sound doctrine of his gospel preached by GTY. Thank you Thank you and thank you. Marvelous

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