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نرم افزار خوب و تقریبا کاملی است.استفاده کنید. متشکرم Great!

سلام هر برنامه‌ای که نصب میکنم نیاز به روش استفاده ازان را دارم باید توضیح داده شود با تشکر Superb!

A good app Hi there guys ... A very good app ... no delay ... with much details ... really good . Thank you lads . Highly Recommend.

مننه چی يو ښه پروګرام جوړ شوی د هر نوعه ساحی لپاره Great!

خیلی باحاله هرکس اینو درست کرده دمش گرم Recommend

خـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــیلی برنامه تون عــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــالیه Enjoy it!

مشکل جاده ای همیشه وجود دارد انشالله با نصب این برنامه کمی حل شود Omg

شنیدم برنامه خوبی منم امروزنصب کردم انشلاه که ازش خوشم میاد Superb!

عالی تو جاهایی که مونده بودم بهم کمک کرد Marvelous

When you know where you are going you get there on time we love it. Thank you Debbie Pretty good

Make it user friendly for finding railway stations too. Add an icon for Railway Stations like airport. Thanks Great job

برنامه ی خوبه یه زبان فارسی هم میشه 5 star

برنامه ی خوبی است به کار می آید اگر متوقف نشد Highly Recommend.

Lets user be assure of safety and avoid any upcoming mishappening. A very useful app for people of every age Great job

Very useful aap...he help me to reach easily to my destination.... I like it...very much... Brilliant

This aap is very helpful i used many time i think its one of the best aap use easily Not bad

It is good but names of various location of missing. It needed to be fill as soon as possible. 5 star

meaningful this app combines good possibilities, in combination with Google maps. Works perfect! Works great

It's very good app It really works, I can easily reach to destination. I like it. But should remove all bakwass adds. wow lol

It's excellent and very helps me to go everywhere withour fear to be lost ... Well done!!

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