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Good for walkers. wow lol

Awesome! I have a goal of walking at least 1.3 miles a day and ...! Awesome! I have a goal of walking at least 1.3 miles a day and this app really helps :). Recommend to take GPS Odometer APK.

Great! I have used this app extensively and found the readings close to accurate. A very good app. Obstructions in GPS signals can't be helped, which has to be accepted.. Recommend to take GPS Odometer APK.

#home-screen Reliable & accurate! I use this app on the bike trails & it has worked well. Other apps lose signal but this one has been reliable & accurate for me.

It's cool!! I walk for exercise and this app is excellent in tracking my distance, time on the road, and speed. Thank you. You've been of help to my health. Chris.

#live-wallpapers Good app! I am an avid walker and have tried many of the pedometer apps to know how far I walk, none of them are even close to accurate. This app is fairly accurate and easy to use. The only problem I have is that it is useless on long walks...The phone dies before I'm through.

Tooo good.! It's a nice app. With this app I can see how many distance I have done un my morning walk .. Recommend to get GPS Odometer APK.

#social-networking Usefull app! Does exactly what i need it to,sometimes a bit alow picking up satellite signal but think thats the same with anything that uses them and it soon catches up so no problems with it

#social-network Could use an auto start! Works better than any other odometer that i have tried. Since the odometer in my car is not working while the speedometer is i need a good application just to even rate my mpg. It would be nice though if this application could be set to automatically turn on any time your speed goes faster than a a mans walking speed and to turn in the gps to work just for this app if one forgets to start it as he starts to drive again after some time not doing so. Especially if the phone is hooked to a charger while moving

Best! I was measuring 73 kms length of road with the help of bike's odometr n simultaneously with this APP... This app gave very accurate distance... Thanks Admin

Pretty good so far.! I compete on auto rallies where mileage is measured to 1/100th of a mile. This app seems pretty consistent on mileage, but I believe there is about a 4% error compared to statute miles. Over a measured 10 mile stretch (State of Minnesota mileage markers) the odometer read 9.956. A similar check on a Wisconsin highway came up about the same. Larger numbers for the odo would be nice. Keeping the display lit while the phone is plugged into a power source would be great.

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