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Other than crashing when zooming far into the playback map, this is nearly perfect. Great job

Compass will not move on my LG rebel or my xgody. What the problem is I have no idea. It worked great on my note 5 Pretty good

This was my favorite application a few years back. Now the dashboard is obstructing my screen and I don't find it that user friendly. Works great

This app was my go to app for navigating between fishing points at sea. As my list of waypoints increased it was becoming increasingly tedious to select a way point from a list, until I realised there was a brilliant option to select way points via google maps. Unfortunately, using this option the app was randomly switching waypoints during navigation which was very annoying. Still a good app but unfortunately no longer for me. Must have

It is a helpful app. I love it. Still I have problem with camera, it does not focus, most of the time it gives a blur pic. Muito bom!

One of the best best app.i really loving app thank u very much.Add new option in menu screen i mean nearest waypoints(also add waypoints distance and bearing and course) this option is indian fishermen using.i standing boat i look the fish rock bottom already adding gps but gps show rock bottom waypoints and bearing and distance .waypoint bearing distance course this is one waypoint information 5 or 6 waypoints linly and bearing and distance.i saw the gps any angle had not rock point or rock point distance(in net lenght) 5 star

Used to be my go to app. Now I find it unusable Simply unreliable won't track walks keeps losing track of me and stopping. Omg

Needs serious UI revamp + ability to save maps for offline usage (if it has it already, must clarify the setting). Amazing!

When you export the images o in kmz format it does not show the images clear. Must be a little poi style and must be reducable when you click on it. Surprisingly

I like this app a lot and I use it often on my Samsung S7 Edge. It is an excellent substitute for a hand-held gps unit. The Andriod Wear version works on my Casio WSD-F20 smartwatch. wow lol

As long as you have cell service, this app works better than consumer grade gps units. I love it! Perfect

I like this app a lot and I use it often. It is an excellent substitute for a hand-held gps unit. It would be great if there was an Andriod Wear 2.0 version I could install on my Casio smartwatch! Surprisingly

How i can input KML/KMZ file from my smartphone to map?? Please tell me, cz i i'm very need it Works perfectly

GPS Essentials is definitely one of the most robust GPS apps that can be found on the Play Store. However, as explained in past reviews, the user interface is in grave need of a redesign for a smoother experience. For instance, it's not clear that both Streams and Waypoints can take you to the exact same waypoints list. The Streams system appears extremely innovative. In theory, a group of people can use this as a mode of sharing locations and sending messages to each other, but as this app doesn't seem to be available for iOS, the practicality sharply diminishes. The waypoint also didn't seem to care about current GPS location when it took a waypoint - if there's no fix, it just seems to take the last position, even if it was miles away. Caching is not effective in GPS Essentials and will lead to frustration during offline use. When using Google Maps, it will take a new cache instead of the maps gathered in the background by the Maps app. It is also not possible to download "Portable Maps" in advance: you must pan to the the location you want to save, and sinply wait for it to download the visible region. In terms of features, this app js great, but it is far from usable, sadly. Great!

Brilliant. The dash board is great that you can select and move things about. Next version. Add profiles so I can have one dash board for bicycle, one for dirt bike, one for road bike, and a few more user configurable profiles. wow lol

Offline maps take ages to load. Exporting tracks sometimes corrupts the kml file. Otherwise, works well. Worth it!

Awesome app. Keeps track of all manhole construction and pile junctions at work. Amazing!

As a software tester I can say from testing it that the functional side seems quite good but for usability it is one of the worst pieces of software I have ever used or tested. The PDF manual is not a great help and is a bit out of date. With rework of the UI etc. it could be much better. Highly Recommend.

Whilst it can be a bit confusing to start with its one of the best gps apps out there. Great!

Love your app and find it very useful, but it crashes more than all my other apps combined. Works great

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