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great app, vision is bad I read the comments and the dev replies on a new radar and i am excited to see it. Appreciate all your hard work! Marvelous

extremely useful this app is wonderful but maybe a search option could be added to max cp/health and the pokedex tab, a scroll anchor on the main home screen, and a chrome tab that opens up pokevision because it does not work in the app. otherwise, extremely useful Fabulous!

Pokevision Got the app for the pokevision map it worked the first few times but now it says checking your browser will redirect but nothing happens would love to give it 5 stars but can't until fixed Omg

All good Great app, pokevision now needs to contact my browser an won't actually load up a map anymore but as soon as that has a fix definite 5* has everything pokemon go players need Not bad

Quality Quality app, shame it's offline so often even tho the game in UK is running. When it is working it's spot on Good

Thank you!!!! Thank you for bringing back pokevision!!! Having the pokeradar is a plus!!! But having the pokevision was definitely needed!!! Thank you for listening Must have

Good app Found that radar doesn't work in UK without typing in location. Will upgrade stars when fixed love it

PokeRadar was the best part of this app, but after latest update it seems its not working at all...bummer 5 star when its back and running Recommend

Please fix Pokevision and this app is not working on my phone I have lg g3. It should work stuck at loading Omg

Some things work, others need improvement I just updated the app, and the placement of the ads no longer covers the text, which is awesome! I love the CP evolution calculator, but the text showing what and what cp it evolves to really needs to be more noticeable instead of tiny print right above the ad. Pokevision is still not working even though it does on the website. Also, maybe add each pokemon's picture/icon in the pokedex. Get this fixed and it's a 5 star app for sure. Just wow

Really good. Also the adition of pokevision helps out with the battery. I know some people call it a cheat but rather than have my battery be drained in a day I'd rather use this. <3 Brilliant

. Poke vision is currently not working at all, even though it is on the website. Please fix, as this is the only reason I want this app Well done!!

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