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This is impossibly amazing I had 10 tabs open to track everything you guys offer. Huge thanks for this app. Worth a go!

Great update! First off, thank you for listening to your users and quickly fixing issues! Things are so much better with the app, and I forsee even more improvements in the future. As I previously stated, I changed my rating to 5 stars with the implementation of the changes. Only one error I've found at this point: under cp evolution calculator it is showing jigglypuff evolves to jigglypuff (it should be Wigglytuff) with cp of a number- zero. Ex: Jigglypuff with a CP of 240 is showing evolve to Jigglypuff 440-0 Cool

Awesome Wish it had a share link to send this app to Facebook it's awesome thank you I've never rated an app with five stars good job guys Amazing!

It's a useful app Side bar was easier to navigate the app. Thanks for the added Max CP. Any way to make it searchable rather a long scrollbar list. 5 stars after Surprisingly

Rip pokévision*EDITED* The new radar doesn't catch anything nearby and i cant scan the area i will walk to i can only check the area im in...please fix or bring the old thing back **EDIT**:they brought it back (: great job listening Highly Recommend.

Close but no cigar I found the evolution calculator awesome, as well as lure timers, great idea. However pokevision is the main attraction of the app, and it lags and runs slower than pokevision website or their app. 5 star

Great Although with pokevision and the radar I can't click the auto location icon it says doesn't have sufficient geolocation permission, how do I solve this? Thanks for response it's all working great now,,it solved the issue Pretty good

A bunch of useful things It can be annoying to scroll through the list every time (for example PokeVision is pretty far down) but most of the tools are pretty useful. Brilliant

Thanks for the fix Keep up the good work pokevision works in the pop-up window like it should again. Great app overall. Perfect!

The app has great tools and features. So far I don't have any problems with Pokevision and the Radar works great as well. If the radar could use Pokemon images as well it would be perfect :) Keep up the good work. Perfect

update my map please The map says"map not updated yet, im in indonesia, somewhere near semarang city. And i will be here very long time Muito bom!

I love it Its a really great app with all the funcions i wanted and more. Though it sometimes crashes unexpectedly. Flawless

Verry good This tool set work well. Is thare a way for a over lay to switch quickly from the app to the game and vise versa. Go well

Permissions I can't change the permissions for the app to allow location. It's not even available to adjust in my settings. Awesome

Most useful pokemon go app across the board The only problem at this point in the app that I found is I can't run more than 3 timers without the app crashing which is enough timers. Also pokevision in the app is perfect. I would give more than 5 stars if I could. Keep up the good work. wow lol

Fantastic app It works very well and is a great all-in-one tool for catching them all. My only issue with it is that the plural of pokemon is pokemon, not "pokemons". Other than that, this app is great and anybody who wants a quick and easy way to improve your Pokemon Go experience should get this. Well done!!

Cool PGO should have had all this stuff implemented in the 1st place. But your pokestop timers don't work for me, they disappear whether I keep this app open or not and that's my main reason for downloading :( anyway plenty if cool features, I wish when we went back home it would scroll us back to where we were. Fantastic

Great app Love the app, this is gonna help out a lot. Just wanted to point out an error I saw in the pokedex, it says hitmonlee evolves into hitmonchan. Unless somethings changed in not aware of, this is not the case Works perfectly

I works pretty darn well! In most cases an app like this would make a person skeptical. But I am really amazed at how well this works Works great

Good but glitchy All the feature of the app are fine but now the provision feature just stays in the one screen saying its using my browser for something and doesn't advance from there. Just wow

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