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Does what it says Amazing to find something that works the poke radar is brill first one that works on a mobile. Sadly interfered with gps on game so had to uninstall. Will be 5* if this is fixed Amazing!

Very helpful Developers should create a map editing tool so users can put Pokestops and Gyms on parts of the map that aren't yet programmed in. I wouldn't mind doing such a thing myself. Marvelous

Great App Awesome app, works great when the pokemon go servers are allowing it. I would absolutely pay for widgets though. Worth a go!

What works is good The tools that work are helpful... ish. The egg hatching is slightly wrong - tumblr is a bit more accurate in some posts I've found. The server status is often wrong, and the maps tend to only work in SoCal, not the mid Atlantic and new England areas I'm in. Still, the tools that aren't location based are good. Cool

Great job Love this app. Will make some suggestions: in the max CP/health log there are several naming and numbering errors. Cant wait to see your take on pokemon tracking. Great job! Works great

Phone: BLU VIVO 5 OS: Lollipop (v5.1) 1. On the Home menu the 'PokeTimer' & 'Lucky Egg Exp/Evolutions' doesn't show all of the definitions below the menu option and there's no way to expand them making it unreadable. 2. The 'Info' screen doesn't scroll, so you cannot read all of the info making it unreadable. 3. When you go back it starts at the top home menu of the app instead of back to where you left off. 4. Once timers are started, there's no way to stop them. You must force stop the app. 5. After selecting the GPS crosshair to find your GPS location in pokevision, the message box is only partially viewable in the top-left corner making it unreadable. 6. PokeRadar shows nothing on it. (not sure if this is because there's nothing in my area or its not working) 7. The app name is spelled incorrectly after install & on the home menu. Tools or instead of Tools for) 8. In the info box for 'Pokemon's Max CP/Health' the word Health is spelled incorrectly. (healt instead of health) Perfect

Love it It really works I tried downloading lots of other apps and this one is by far the best I am so happy with this app but the severs are not always up for pokevision Works perfectly

Good Concept Needs Tweaking I love everything except the pokevision doesn't work and that's the most important part of this app Good

Love the app guys great!!! So I used the app today it's dead on when locating pokemon makes the game a lot more fun now... I can actually hunt for pokemon and see where they are at! Lags sometimes and won't show pokemon on radar but I give it a few mins and starts working again! Good job guys using on a galaxy s7 Great!

Some features work The timers don't work on one of my phones, they just don't appear after I tap on them. However, the map works it just doesn't show you the type of pokemon you can find there like PokeVision does. Overall it's a very useful application, but there is always something to improve. Keep it up guys ✌ Must have

Awesome app for any pokèmon go player. The only issues i have are the radar & map are super laggy but i understand that its most likly down to the servers and also the section that tells you what you get out of eggs is incorrect i have no idea how you got that info but there is a well known chart tellin you what you can get out of the eggs. When you sort that ⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤ will be yrs Surprisingly

Totally sucks, can't find ditto After having this app for 4 years I still can't find ditto. Just kidding. But in all seriousness, great app, just wish there was a way to plug in my Pokémon so I can check IV's. 5 star

Awesome Pokémon Go help Love it! Lags sometimes but is quick to refresh. Makes Pokémon easy to find and no more pidgey and zubats all day. The cp and health charts are awesome. Would definitely recommend! Just keep on making improvements guys doing great! Go well

A few flaws The pokeradar is not working. I read that you guys will update it soon, so I guess I wont judge on that for now. But the chart for the hatching of eggs seems to show a few bulbasaur in every type of egg. Also the damage of super effective move is multiplicated by x1.2 and not the double. Still a pretty neat app for any trainers. Would be cool if you added all the info that the dataminers mined! Recommend

Not up to date It says that I can't get a staryu from a 10k egg when I did, and it won't load up Pokevision, it says Pokemon go is down when it isn't. Great job

Pobodys Nerfect But this app is handy as hell for tracking down those "nearby" mons. Also the evolve calculator is very effective Flawless

Worked perfect for me The scroll for what pokemon can come from a egg lil buggy but all else is perfect to use Go well

Great works for me but It's missing a few things like for weakness it's doesn't have steel type Pokemon ext... but great app Works great

Its a good app and it is accurate as well. Its just hard to know where your going theres no tracker or arrow to show you wich way your going.... Superb!

Works just like it says I wanted to see if it just placed bunch of random images of pokemon down. So I opened pokemon go and the flicked this app open. The right pokemon appeared, so I walked to where it says the pokemon are and to my suprise it was there. I am so happy it was a gengar. Worth it!

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