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Good but Crashes every time I try to open Pokevision. I might give a 5 when crashing are fixed. love it

Nice App Its a good app but some features are not working properly.. Like PokeVision and PokeRadar are not showing any pokemons.. Plz Help Not bad

The CP Evolution calculator is not working. I would select a Pokemon, then enter its CP, however when I enter the CP, the Pokemon I selected disappears into white, not allowing me to calculate. Worth a go!

Loved it while it worked downloaded it Wednesday July 27th. The interface looked just as pictured and worked great. The very next day, the 28th, when I opened it (not sure if it was updated to a new version) The interface changed completely. It now displays the info page upon start up and not the app's tools. Instead, they are on a drop down menu to the top left of the screen. Normally, that wouldn't bother me, but when hitting the drop down the app comes to a crawl and becomes unresponsive. Uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail Highly Recommend.

Very Well Put together (just crashes every so often) This is a very well done app with all the tools you need to take on the pokemon world, it just carshes at random points, hope you are able to find the bugs, if you ever decide to put in a donate button id be more then happy to donate to such a great dev. Enjoy it!

Ok Decent info the UX isn't bad. The pokeradar crashes every attempt at opening it. Great for info on all the aspects though. Fantastic

Great app just needs improvements Needs to fix what pokemon are in eggs. Bulbasaur is mentioned in twice for 5k eggs also the other pokemon need to be added that can be in the eggs. The overall cp chart has Bulbasaur twice as well with different stats. There is more things that need to be fixed, those were just some. This app is nice to use however. Would be great once things are fixed and definitely a tool every pokemon trainer should have. :) Worth a go!

It's great, when it works.. Every time I try to use the navigation drop menu, it starts to lag and freeze which makes it hard to use. It could be my phone though. But when I finally get to the pokevision, it makes the wait and struggle worth it. Great job

A must need for pokemon trainers The pokemon go radar is broken in the game and makes it extremely hard to find pokemon near you. This app directs you to them and has never been wrong. Best app I've ever downloaded. Worth it!

Crashes It is crashing every 5 sec on Nexus 5 please find a fix because it is very useful when it works for at least 2 sec it crashes when I try to predict the cp of a Pokemon * The problem really occur when I try to write a name in the evolution cp section Everytime I write something it crashes Must have

Very useful The pokemon go 3 step glitch makes it really hard to find pokemon but this is very helpful love it

Noooo my second fav app is not working But ill still gibe you give five stars cause i know yall hard at work fixing it pokevision downnnn Marvelous

Thanks Caught scyther and pinser with this app, just camping with the car with a friend, and refresh every 5-10minutes till something good spawns :D Just wow

Great app!! Best pokemon go tool app I've installed. Everything works great, and I love the new format the update gave it. Highly recommended for any pokemon go player. Cool

Good but crashes Works great when it doesn't crash but amazing for everything GO! Related otherwise Surprisingly

Gets the job done Although it isn't the perfect app it's good for what it's useful for getting further information about pokemon. wow lol

Love the tools it provides, but it has minor issues... Great tool, dev! Though I did notice Nidoran male and female are listed as Bulbasaur in both the max CP/Health tab and the Eggs tab, and Flying is misspelled in the weakness section for Grass Pokémon. I hope those minor issues get fixed. I'll leave 5 stars if it does! Also, I can only open 3 timers before it crashes the app. Other than that, thank you for making a collection of tools in one app! I like that I can accurately pinpoint pokémon instead of mindlessly walking around killing battery life. Awesome

Very good app App is very good but a bit laggy and slow.Map used in pokeradar is very poor and doesn't show any local street. 5 star

Poke radar is working but pokevision doesnt.. I dont know why.. The map doesnt show up.. note 2 jellybean 4.3 Good

Bugged I downloaded the newest version because the pokeradar was broken in the previous version. Now the menu is badly bugged such that nothing is accessible. When it works it's amazing though. Edit: I was able to get the pokeradar to load and it's also broken in the newest version, not showing any pokemon. Pretty good

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