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Minor problems Props I used this app to catch a gengar but last two updates Canada side now is lacking. Poke radar works on and off sometimes I wait for 20mins before something loads onto the screen. The vision part only works I manually move the drop zone from London UK to Alberta Canada. But all that I still have faith in you after the gengar!!! Perfect!

Working Great *edit* Some Pokémon are missing from the cp calculator. 2 i noticed were both the Exegg's. **Update fixed the crashing problem. Great job. Have been loving the app! Also, liking the new menu as well! Enjoy it!

Problem It was great until the recent update. Now the location button on poke vision doesn't work and I have to search my location manually or go on Google chrome and use poke vision but everything else works perfectly fine. Please fix thank you. Muito bom!

Pokeradar almost never works Topic, pokevision is great but on mobile devices it is really slow. I really love the radar, when it works Marvelous

Works much better since the update. Recently updated! Thank you very much for the quick response. The app now works on my phone. Go well

Was good before the update I used the app before the update it worked perfect but now pokevision does not use gps to locate location else everyting is good Worth a go!

Verry good This tool set work well love the new layout. Is thare a way for a over lay to switch quickly from the app to the game and vise versa. Works perfectly

You were so close... It starts for about 2 seconds, showing the newly created and beautiful HUD, unfortunately it force closes without the "unfortunately has crashed" message. i have reinstalled, wiped cache partition, even ran it on different devices. This is an amazing utility app and i would like it to be fully functional again. Great!

Update The pokelocation was doing amazing until the update, now I don't see any Pokemon around my area!! I'd use poke vision but its sooo slow Superb!

Hmm I like the new menu layout, but instead of fixing the jigglypuff/wigglytuff issue in the CP calculator, you've removed jigglypuff altogether? Also the numbering in pokedex is atrocious! #1-0 then start back at #1-0 over and over again. It's clumsy and makes it more difficult to find what you're looking for. And location no longer works for pokevision or radar. Omg

Crashes after update Ever since last update, app crashes. It worked awesome before, but now it will not even start. Not bad

Great App I've been using this app since it came out and you guys have been doing a great job with the updates, tbh I didn't liked the other update but with this new one it looks soo much better! Keep up the good work! Works great

Good but crashing since update today Helped me catch a lvl 412 Fearow and other things but it is crashing on my S5 Active. 5 star

Still needs work but has lots of potential Love the concept of the app. Very helpful for evolving Pokémon. The radar and vision don't work worth a hoot since the update just now but compared to the other apps out there this app is light years ahead of them. Looking forward to a more accurate Pokémon radar and vision. Keep up the good work. Fantastic

It's ok The app is great over all its just after the update the pokeRadar stop working it'll load up but the red signal to tell you what's around doesn't pop up anymore Amazing!

Decent Other than Pokevision never working at all, I've never had any issues until today's update. The CP calculator has been cut down to where almost No Pokemon are available to check out now. Other than that, I like it. And as for the 3 different UI layouts, I'd say keep this one. Oh, and if you can add the option to exit the app when we press the back button on the main page, that would be great. Worth a go!

In general, pretty good Everything seems to work well any the occasional hiccup is due to Niantic servers so I can't complain there. The only thing I'd like to ask is that you take a look at the Egg tab. It seems to be missing a few (Scyther and Magmar for example) and the ad at the bottom obscures the lower names (plus, Bulbasaur is double posted in the 5k section). I am loving the current UI though :) Not bad

Good App, Bad App It's useful 70% of the time for anything you need, the rest 30% are crashes, shut downs and slow-running Pretty good

Please fix Was working wonderfully until today's update.. my app keeps on force closing when i open it.. Perfect

Insane Menu Lag New interface is slightly better but there is still scroll lag. Is the app trying to load every tab at once or something? There's no reason for such a simple menu to lag so bad on a 3GB RAM device. Certain text fields are covering the bottom screen ad which makes them hard to read. Very useful app but many oversights still persist. Please stop changing the design of the interface and fix what's actually broken. Go well

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