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Great, well kinda Used to be my favorite app and so extremely useful, but then they did an update that made the interface more user friendly yet now Pokeradar doesn't work. Fix it please because it wassss so perfect! Just wow

Pretty good App is pretty good. I quite like it and is quite useful. I do have a few issues with it that I'd like to see fixed. Before I rate it 5 stars (currently 3) Some of the ads interfere with the interface (overlays/underlays some text fields) Other grievances have been sent to devs in an email. If this review is 5 stars all problems have been addressed. Works perfectly

Great job! The functionality crammed into this simple app is wonderful! I mostly use it to find nearby pokemon locations, but the calculators are extremely helpful. The new design looks good, too! Well done, guys. Fabulous!

All good, and everything you need Great app, pokevision is always up and down, allot more accurate for iPhone same as pokemon go itself but this app is still a definite 5* it has everything pokemon go players need apart from the pokevision but that does still work on and off and for everything it has on the app still worthy of 5* easily. Great work Superb!

Great idea. It's an amazing concept. It has everything you need. If the problems with Pokevision and the Radar get fixed, it will definitely be a must have for anyone playing. Must have

After the recent update stuff turned sour Before the icons I could check the cp evolution calculator for ALL unevolved pokemon, now it malfunctions during calculation 50% of the time and not all pokemon show up (nidorino/nidorina?) And all segments are unstable af. Looking around for a replacement. Fantastic

Updates killed this. Since the latest updates the radar doesn't show any Pokemon or refresh. Also the vision part that shows the map used to tack your location with the button in the top right but now is useless and keeps sending me somewhere in Australia. You could try to search your location with the search bar but it's useless now. Great job

Need to fix vision, radar, and location button. Was a good app but after the last update the radar, vision, and location button nolonger work. I didn't really mind the old version that much. Well done!!

Great App This is a great app with many basic tools, but maybe add in an IV calculator for future updates? Muito bom!

This WAS a good app This app was my "Go" to app. It saved my life numerous times when i was looking for a rare pokeman. However, in the recent updates they made the interface user friendly, but the tools within the apps are very unstable. I especially use Pokeradar but i am getting no feedback from the app. Hopefully they will fix these issues. wow lol

Everything in one place, but Pokeradar a bit buggy This app got almost everything you need for PGO which is nice. The PokeRadar is the main reason I use this app and when it works, it's absolutely fantastic. However, when it doesn't because of unknown reasons, it's really frustrating, so hope that aspect gets better over the time. Also the UI could be a bit more attractive by creating icons and map the functions "tighter" to each other instead of scrolling through the app for one function. Amazing!

Pokevision portion is messed up I have loved the app thus far...but the pokevision portion will not follow me via gps. Nor will it go by address. It just stays on its initial location. The website works. Yes I gave the app permissions to use my location and internet. I would give the app 5 stars, but the pokevision portion is what I use the most. Marvelous

Getting there 5km egg group has Bulbasaur listed 4 times. He is also listed again under the 10km list. I would also like to see a paid version... Ads are horrible... The biggest issue I'm having however is with PokeVision... Search doesn't work. Nor does the GPS locate button. It's all but useless and I've had to move to another App. Recommend

Good, fixed crashing! Promptly! Helped me catch a lvl 412 Fearow and other things but it is crashing on my S5 Active. *edit* update works really well, thank you for the prompt attention and care Flawless

Good tool, but has some bugs First bug I'd like to point out is the CP/HP listings not showing pokedex values above 9 properly (looks like it displays the modulo result (ID % 10), since all the values are 0 to 9 over and over. I can update this again if I find more bugs, or the author could let me know where to submit them. Not bad

Good App Overall I like all the features it contains. Though, neither of the maps work for me anymore after updating. It's what I mostly use. Hopefully this issue is resolved. Superb!

Recent Update The app was working just fine before the update, aside from a slight lag, but with the new update the app crashes on launch. I hope this issue can be resolved. Edit: While the App is opening and the crash issue seems to be fixed for my device, the CP calculator has taken a blow. It now lacks extensive information, missing many Pokemon's evolutions. Pretty good

Genial ayuda en tu captura pokémon Tanto si solo quieres saber un poco más acerca del juego o quieres encontrar ese pokémon que tanto quieres esta es tu aplicación. Pokevision, calculadora de PC, calculadora de PX, pokédex... Es genial, completa y práctica. Great!

Pokevision Hi, within the Pokevision, it is not locating my location. Can this be fixed please. Was working perfectly fine before. Cool

Pokevision and radar not working This app used to be perfect before the updates. Idk why but now pokeradar does not show any pokemon and pokevision cant find my location. Enjoy it!

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