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Its good Hi app delevoper do you know when are they going to let people see were the pokemon are at cause the update ruined the three footprints which made me mad Superb!

Very helpful I don't use the poke vision part very often and I'll stop using it really when the 3 step glitch is fixed but the cp calculator and other information of the game especially about weakness is great and very helpful. Hopefully with the game evolving this app will evolve with it lol Great job

Try it and Love it! This app is incredibly useful, it will provide essential information about the game and massively help you. I found the PokeTimer tool to be really helpful and handy as I live close to a Pokestop. The stuff I learnt with this app helped me massively and I'm sure it'd help anyone else who has little knowledge of the game. Another really good thing that I appreciate is the hard work that the developer puts in, there hasn't been a week where the game didn't get an update. I would give more stars if I could. Flawless

As always, great new update! Thanks for listening to your user's input and staying on top of creating and maintaining a fantastic app. 5 star

Fantastic This is a great app i hope you guys keep updating and add pictures and things maybe a search for pokedex and other things with long lists... And a Warning 2nd generation pokemon coming soon Surprisingly

Reliable Excellent tool for the Poké-hunters everywhere. Lots of info from dev and regular updates. Would love to see a user generated map with stops and gyms by the way, just a thought. Muito bom!

The app is awesome I use this before i use my lucky egg to ses how many pokes i need to transfer how many i can evolve or how many more i need to catch to take full advantage of thw lucky egg. Must have

Great app Make me play better! Just delete pokevision and radar, then maybe add tips & tricks. Good

question hey guys/dev! I just want to ask about the servers. it says that philippine server is active... does it mean pokemon go is already available on our country? Great!

Decent Glad to see you guys didn't shut the app down due to the recent game changes. Pokevision never worked for me to begin with, so that's not an issue. I'd rather have the CP/IV calculator from this app anyway. Great!

Great developer I don't think this app has gone 2 days with out some sort of update. This guy/woman/team is being very proactive with this app I thought I was happy with this app at frist download comparing that to the app I see today or any outher pokemon app I have seen they are all crap. I only see this app going up from here. I would like to see a little bit more help section becuse I am not full sure how to use all the tools that this app gives me but over all I excited to see where this app is going Amazing!

....aaaand it's gone This was the best app until pokemon go staff had poke vision removed. The other tools are good I guess but honestly, the feature people want is the poke vision. Who the f#*k has time to walk around like an idiot just to run into level 13 rattata or a level 25 pidgey? Any pc or video game comes with add-ons and guide maps that allow you to play at a high level. Pokemon go shouldn't be any diffrent. F all the poke vision haters. Awesome

Why the hate Even though pokevision doesn't work, the CP calculator is the best tool ever, that's originally why I downloaded this app Flawless

Bare bones but functional There's a lot of duplicated information, and it's visually disorganized, but it is the most comprehensive app by far Not bad

Good work I havent use this app but i read replys from the developer and i really appreciate the hard work and big heart from this app development 5 star

Amazing! I really appreciate that you are frequently updating this app. Everything works great Muito bom!

Swift response. I had rated 1 star as the Radar was down etc but developer responded to my rating and explained the reason quickly which is good enough for me. Il keep the app and use the other useful functions. Good

Stop Hating You guys are being assholes. Just because they shut down your precious PokeVision doesn't mean you should rate it bad. This app has way more than just your little cheat tool. It has helped find advantages when battling pokegyms, help evolving my Pokemon at their best. pokedex helps me see more information. The pokestop timer is really helpful. All their tools are just as great. They never said their removing it forever. So stop wyning just because they removed your stupid cheat tool. You guys are assholes:) Fabulous!

If only Niantic took café of pokemon go as much as you guys take care of gotools...keep up the good work! Must have

Great app for the utilities. Pokevision and PokeRadar are gone now so you should delete them from the app. Only thing is i cant get rid of the timers when i put them up without restarting my phone love it

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