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There always seems to be a pause when opening this app, this is not a problem with my phone since other apps work fine. However genuinely this app is quite useful Muito bom!

Best of all.. Can't live without it. Always needed. Always helping. Most used application on my Samsung galaxy S9 Plus mobile.. Great.. Worth a go!

No so good find music that I looking for. Too much thing to show. Please give me a good service Great job

I love it. It is too useful and having grate features as compared to other. Also provide good assistant services. Cool

The search widget now takes up the whole screen when you tap on it and it looks much less visually appealing than when it opened the recent search list on top of the home screen. It's actually quite frustrating. Not sure if this was a change by this app or Apex Launcher, or a new incompatibility from an update. Great!

Google gets messed up on sending text messages. It sends its own voice over on top of my message. If not that it loops on whether to send or not. Not Happy with no hands texting. Worth it!

Pretty good app. Use it to read news, see what's upcoming (reminders,etc) also use it for webpages I've visited and want to go back to. But one thing I hate they changed is the little time to leave clock is no longer available. When you needed to be somewhere it popped up with time to leave. It was a great little feature to have. Amazing!

I'm pleased to say that after the latest update, the bug which stopped the Google Assistant working has now been sorted out and the very latest update has restored the service. I therefore have 'Ok Google' and 'Hey Google' working again, so I'm pleased to restore the 5 stars to the app. Surprisingly

This new update now has me click on my feed instead of it just showing up on my phone when I tap on google. I really don't like it wish there was a way to edit to my liking Not bad

Stories have ruined this app, no option to switch it off or remove completely. It makes this app look horrible please make it optional. Some of us don't want a feed. Works perfectly

This app is great.. But despite having a 12 mbps connection and 3 gb RAM the assistant is slow than usual ok Google. The older versions were better Amazing!

Crashing now Most recent update crashes when loading. Only app running is chromecast. Uninstalled update, worked. Cleared cache, reinstalled update, app crashes upon loading. No crash app report opens upon crash. Surprisingly

I cant train Ok google voice i can do it on other phones but not 2 phones of mine i think its a bug please fix it Well done!!

Ok Google detection doesn't support in my newly branded phone,when I say Ok google it doesn't fetches my voice,or the device unlock feature doesn't sense my self,Fix this please. Brilliant

I probably open my Google app 3-5 times a day and mostly for the curated news feed. I love how it uses my chrome search history to find stories even if that is a little spooky Muito bom!

It's unstable and showing notification of downloading English again and again Plz help me what to do Go well

I use it constantly and there are always improvements to make it better, but the last update went backwards for maps. I would ask it to "take me home" after work and it no longer goes directly to the map app, it goes into a Google search and I have to go through additional steps for it to plan my route. Also now that I live in an area with tolls, it would be nice if you could add commands like, "avoid tolls," or "avoid freeways," etc to the command so you don't have to go back into the app and make those selections manually Not bad

Good overall but has one annoying bug. If you are in the app and open an article or link you get taken to the link. So far so good. Bit then if you press the back button (Samsung 8) then you get taken to a random separate app instead of going back to the Google app page. Works perfectly

Android and any phone is nothing without the"GOOGLE". Nothing to say after it , after all it is google, my favourite not app but "apps " company. Love both the most google bar and you tube. Very useful and easy to use and now important too in my life. Perfect

A big Thank You GOOGLE. I accidentally deleted my 3 yrs of photos (file) from my desk top. Luckily your gallery by Google and the Assistant had saved my photo history. Love the G-Photo Assistant too. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐+ Muito bom!

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