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Do you think you guys can fix the long loading like when you try to refresh your profile page it takes a long time to refresh on mobile and to see new post too. I love you guys this app is amazing and I know you work very hard but could you please fix the long loading thing for mobile users? Tysm! Muito bom!

I want the fastest animal on the computer right now please let this about ready put on the new code on my phone but said better Awesome

When I try to create a collection it says that there's no data and to check my connection. I have full connection and restarted my phone. It still doesn't work. Please fix. love it

Well from what I've seen in my past experience it's a good app, but in the last update, or two, ive been getting a problem it isn't loading posts right. It'll skip back up to the top, and will take me a while before I can get to the bottom. Whole this isnt a problem for small posts big posts take a long time to get to the bottom also the posts take a longer time to load. Please Fix and ill give 4 stars. Well done!!

I have account I was kicked out of because of someone hacking me and still waiting for it because of my twins pic. Outside that I feel Google is better then any other social media site Muito bom!

Well after Facebook showed they can't be trusted I've recommended others check it Google+. I think Google is now trustworthy by far. I also prefer the interface and functionality. Works great

In New update directly sharing options removed, y removed that, now not able to share in Whatsapp Fb and more, if share now link only share, else download then only share from file manager, directly share very use full I want that back what I do, so only 4star Perfect!

Fun app but not so fun when it allows people to report you falsely an you see horrible things that should be reported an these things are ok. love it

Very Irreting This New Version, Because No Have Option For Share, Old Version Was Able To Share More Options, But In This Version Only Can Share Over The Google+ Please Fix This Bug. And Update The Option For Share... Muito bom!

A great app, but it's EXTREMELY BUGGY. First of all, I can't post literally anything or share anything ever since the new update due to "errors". Fabulous!

Seems like this latest version is slowing things down quite a bit. Why do you break what worked OK? A DAY LATER - FIXED!!! THANX Recommend

This would be the best social media, but there is too many sheep in our soceity. Only few people uses it sadly. 5 star

Its not a bad place to go on an just surf around. You end up findin alot of info out tht you never heard about. Great job

Awesome design! You can do a lot with G+. I really like the circles concept, and the ability to italicize and embolden words in your post. Just wow

I like the app a whole lot. I have meet many friends there. One thing is, with the new update, it bugs me alot because whenever I go and check my communities, some disappear and it's very annoying. It takes a lot more to load then the old version too. Finally, it won't let me search for any people, communities, etc. It just says "No connection" when I do have WiFi. I have no idea if it's my internet, but if you can, please fix this! Worth it!

Since last update g plus is lagging so much ,bring back g plus before the last update please it is so slow it takes me ages to upload anything etc etc it's basically not working properly like it did before on my Samsung j5 .. Amazing!

Well ka shume raste kur me thote qe ta uninstall dhe pastaj te shtypi perseri install dhe kjo nuk me pelqen sepae per gjerat tjera eshte OK. Perfect

Väldigt smidig och snabb jämfört med Facebook-appen. Synd att inte alla med GMail-konto använder detta. Go well

کص خواهرت گوگل نمیزاری پرن ببینم سایتارو بستی کصمش Omg

It takes too much time to open, Update is not good....Make it as previous or better.... Great job

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