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Would it be possible to add the feature to have folders IN the app? Like, I know you can put folders in your drive. But it doesn't help organize your recent page in sheets. Id really like to have a folder containing all my sheets in the app in one place. That way it looks a lot cleaner and i wont have to go looking for certain sheets. Does that make sense? Fantastic

Why I am observing difference in time between mobile and this (sheets) application 5 star

Simple and clear, although VBA macro won't work. The negative point is Search/Replace applies to whole sheet but NOT on selected range, which is not good to my viewpoint. Omg

Sheets is perfect! No competition! LIVE AND INSTANT SAVE, ACCROSS ALL DEVICES. SIMPLY DEVINE AND A MIRACLE AS ITS FREE!! Seriously though, how clunky is Office... Cool

Useful app! Unlike Microsoft Excel which is only useful if the office suite is installed on your computer and then it's only available on that particular computer Sheets makes my spreadsheets available no matter where I am and no matter what device or computer I am using. Plus it may be shared with others. This is fantastic for anything I enjoy tracking on a spreadsheet especially for family projects! It's great for house hunting, party or menu planning, tracking exercise or other activities of daily living. Must have

Overall way better than Microsoft products. I've never had a crash while using any Google product. Leaving Microsoft office for good! Perfect

Not quite Excel Great alternative to the MS offering. Once you get used to it it's worth a look. Highly Recommend.

Great compatible app Gets the Job done very neatly and effectively, dont know abt the heavy usage bhy simple chartsheet can be easily managed. Keep it up! Worth a go!

Awesome app. Am updating all my cloud sheets from this app. It's flexible, also interface is very good. Enjoy it!

Easy to get to grips with and does its purpose... One of the best apps I have downloaded Amazing!

Perfect bridge between work and home. Working through the the command differences but they are straight forward. Thanks for another great product. Fantastic

Made communication between departments seamless. No more emails back and forth seeking clarifications. We see it all in real time. Superb!

Love this app. The only thing that would make it better is if the mobile version had the same functionality as the desktop version. Great!

Simple spreadsheets that fly I love having quick access to frequently used spreadsheets. Means I can update or review my sheet very easily Fabulous!

An excellent Excel clone with a wide array of uses. For example, I used it to document every book in my personal library. By sharing the link with my friends, they now know what's available for borrowing -- and I know who has which book! Go well

Does what it says on the tin As good as can be expected keeping in mind you're editing spreadsheets. Drop down arrows are a little small for selections in cells but it's not the end of the world. Good balance of portability and power. Good

The only spreadsheet I use now Does everything I want. It has a few little things I don't like, like not being able to autofill in a periodic value (like a weekly payment on every 7th row) - unless maybe that's a feature I haven't learnt about yet. The cloud storage is great - being able to make changes to my budget spreadsheet on the mobile phone and then it's automatically updated on the laptop. Flawless

Small size compared to Microsoft powerpoint, however, it DOESN'T SHOW some tables that open and show very smoothly on PP Works great

Would like to be able to edit several cells at one time (ctrl+D in desktop type stuff) Well done!!

Charts have very little options compared to the WEB version... currently I can only edit the charts on my PC Just wow

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