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I've been using Google play music all access pretty much since it launched long before YouTube Red was included with it and it was been well worth the money I've even upgraded to the family plan so my daughters can have music as well it works really well with all of Google services and all of Google's devices. With that being said it has one fatal flaw I live in rural Indiana and when I leave my home I don't have service for about 30 minutes until I get into the city I cannot turn download only on when I don't have service it only activates while I have service so if I leave my home and forget to flip it to download only I can't listen to anything until I have service again please fix this flaw enable me to activate download only without having data on my device. Enjoy it!

Good app overall. I use it on a Google Pixel 2 phone. The app will sometimes bug out though. Sometimes it closes at the end of a song for now good reason. Other times it has trouble moving on the next song on a playlist. Once in a while the volume will cut by like 40% (not because of an incoming call, text, or the activity of another app), then return to normal several minutes later. Surprisingly

This just happened to be installed on my OPPO and I actually find it better to use than Spotify. However, I cannot update because when I do, this very strange thing happens where when I play music, it makes this weird scratching/squeaking noise and distorts the song. When I restore the factory version of the app, this issue goes away. Very odd. Must have

I like it, it's not patchy in bad service like my former music app Amazon music and the selection so far is markedly better than the same. However, sometimes the app won't play music or switch songs even though it will load other pages like the Help I know data/service connection isn't the issue. One time to fix this is I rebooted my phone, but that's not gonna work as a solution if I'm gonna keep and use this app past the trial period. Besides that, I like Google Music a great deal, and to voice other reviews, a night/dark theme would round out this app to be a solid five stars. Perfect!

So gladly. This app while streaming music in the background does not kill my battery like Spotify and other streaming places do. So far Bandcamp and Google play are the best for battery but. Whenever I try to load up an artists page It doesn't load. It'll stay stuck buffering. This happens when I'm on WiFi and Data. Whenever I click on an album that doesn't happen. It loads up almost instantaneously. Itd be nice if this was fixed somehow. Works perfectly

It's a nice app, don't get me wrong. Great for all sorts of music and discovering more music. But the stations are completely bugged. I'll be listening to music on a station and after every one or two songs, the app "stops" and music won't play. So I have to restart the station every few songs. Hopefully this issue can be fixed Flawless

I love this app! Only reasons I am giving 4 stars instesd of 5: recurring subscription waaay too difficult to try and stop, and this has overdrafted me a number of times. Also, I think it would be really cool if there was a cheaper option :D Other than that, GPM is better than Spot, Pand, iHeart, annnnnd you guessed it... itunes! Recommend

Music app is good. However I would like to request one very important feature which should be made available.... Selecting many number of songs by just ONE TAP, to be added to the playlist. For example(Like how we select photos and others to be moved to another folder) Currently we have to select each song seperately, which is very exhausting. Another feature would be to provide a theme for the app. Like dark themes Enjoy it!

I have been using and paying for this app for years now and do enjoy its content. However, I keep accidentally removing songs by swiping right or left. This is a useless and frustrating feature because I can't always see what has been removed and the undo button quickly disappears. Cool

I'm a huge fan of this app, but the few problems in having with it have nearly convinced me to change to another music app. This app deletes some of my songs at random without notifying me. When I go to find my music, it's gone. Incredibly frustrating. Also, in the middle of a song, it will occasionally skip to the next one without me even touching my phone. When the app worked, it was great. But give me a reason not to switch to spotify. Please fix these issues Muito bom!

For any Android user, this app is a no-brainer. Google Play Music comes with YouTube red, and the song suggestions / stations offer much more variety than Pandora did for me. This is coming from someone who doesn't listen to popular music. My only gripes are the way it displays album artwork and the lack of embedded lyrics support. If those two are taken care of, I'll probably ditch my secondary mp3 playing app for this all together. Superb!

This app is great and use it for my everyday music. However there's an issue with the recent update. When I have my phone locked and have a song running, after playing the same song 2-3 times it'll stop replaying the same song. I would have to press the power button or unlock my phone with my finger print (pixel XL) to make it start again. Brilliant

Cannot download individual songs, only full albums. Fills up your memory quickly because of this and added 4.7 gbs of "recently added music" to one folder so I have no easy way to sort through it to delete music. I have to individually delete each track or delete the entire folder. Also sometimes albums have missing tracks such as it will have 1,2,3,then skip to,8,9,10,11. Why? Amazing!

I've had a love/hate relationship with this app for many years. However, after trying out the streaming service, I think I'm starting to love this app again. It's still visually appealing. Great sound sound quality through streaming. The ability to also integrate the music that's on my PC with my phone is a plus. So... Yeah... Darn you Google Play Music. I'm falling in love with you again. Muito bom!

EDIT; no longer allows my headphones to raise my volume..plz fix this a love it

The streaming quality is really amazing. The music library is great. I can find almost every song that I want to listen to. The major issue with the service is the suggested content. It really sucks. No matter how many times you customize your music preferences, it will only show you the regional content and whatever its AI wants you to listen to. Comparing it to Spotify, I would suggest to use Play Music when you really know what you want to listen to, because the radio and auto playlists suck when compared to it. I do find the quality of streaming better on Play Music. Flawless

For stations and playlists it works pretty well. Really hate the navigation of local music in this app though - not music downloaded from the store, but music copied to device via USB or on the SD card. It feels like a feature that was begrudgingly added by the developers. Marvelous

One of my most used apps for a while now. One major problem I have experienced on multiple devices now is downloaded music. The feature is buggy. Certain times the app won't play downloaded content and instead try to stream it from the cloud. At times downloaded items won't even show in my downloaded library. Very frustrating. Big problem when underground and no data connection. Please fix it. Worth a go!

This app is getting better. The automatic download feature works now but the 1,000 track limit for playlists is just pitiful for an app that allows you to download 100,000 tracks. I'd use this every day if they fixed that one thing but people have been saying this for years and Google has done a whole lot of nothing about it Awesome

Honestly has more music than Spotify and is better then it. One issue and its not a big one to me because honestly you can get 3 months versus 1 month free. The issue is the interface its old I'd recommend a revise otherwise 100% better than Spotify especially for people who listen to good music not this garbage today. That is all. Brilliant

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