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I have rent an HD version of film "murder on the Orient express". I have downloaded but it says "more of this video is needed to be download before it can start playing". Why this happened? Highly Recommend.

Doesn't auto play to size of my phone screen of Galaxy Note 8. Have to press full screen after pressing play every time. If it's the ratio, then how about offering HDR movies for phones that can support it? Omg

It's good but... I bought some movies at Spain, now I live at U.K. and the languages still in Spanish. How can I change them? Thanks in advance Fabulous!

The app already did its job to perfection, now today they've added a super useful capability: if you just want to watch something without paying for it individually (or in some cases, for free), it will list you the other apps that will stream it for you. Every time Google seems to be losing some of their impenetrable sheen of untouchableness, they do something like this. It's such a small thing, yet I can see it becoming extremely useful for many movie & TV lovers. Enjoy it!

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Thanks To Google Team,It Is A Very Enjoyable Experience For Me To Watch A Movie In Better. Works perfectly

I just picked up a Google Pixel 2 phone, and now I have a new problem with this app. This app keeps disabling itself. Never had this problem on the 1st Pixel, Apple Pad, Xperia XZ Premium, or the Xperia Z3 tablet. I tried every solution in forums, and it's still giving me the same problem. This is the first I've ever seen a Google app not working properly on a Google phone. Great!

I'll give it full stars when my problem is fixed it's acting up the screen stays black and only audio is on but no picture I've already tryed restarting my phone and still the same thing Must have

This movie application must stop removing rentals because if you want to watch something to rent then it's been f****** removed wow lol

I have been using this app since it was available. And I would watch movies on the go and do would my daughter. But now after the last update...I watch any movie even if it's installed to my device to about 1min the app will crash and restart my phone. And it sucks because my daughter likes to watch the cartoons I have for her. Find a solution please. Not bad

Has improved as of late new user friendly menu has some hang ups from time to time .... wow lol

Works well when it finds the downloaded file. I have 2 Thomas movies downloaded on SD card. The app continually comes back with an error E-1 and cannot find the file, forcing a re-download of the files (1.5gb). The chrome cast feature is great and the HD feature yields a great picture on the TV. Overall, not bad when it works. Perfect!

Well the newest update has removes my downladed movies from my phone and it also crashes every time so yeah i think its a grear improvment over the old version Great job

Dolby Sound and Google Home/Chromecast integration would be really nice to have. Having Movies Anywhere support is AMAZING Great!

I didn't realize we got free movies.I wondered y rememory stayed up. It's mine? Highly Recommend.

When u watch movies the volume cuts out. When it shows download also shows all the episodes. It didnt do that before. It stops my movie and my cpu always overheats. I dont know what to do Muito bom!

Vast selection, good quality. Only issue is the timers are off. Supposed to get 72 hours but my last 2 movies, 1 lasted a day and a half, the other, 2 days. A minor issue I hope they fix. Getting harder and harder to trust google when they cut corners on everything from games to movies and books. Fair treatment of customers should be a priority of any company. This company has grown so huge it's obvious they don't care about or appreciate their customers. I hope they change but I don't hold my breath. wow lol

Better search on the Play App. Why no genre search? Hard to find abscure new releases. Works great

The latest update seems to have fixed this app, thank goodness as I use it a lot, but it's back to it's usual high standard on pixel 2! Thank you for taking the trouble to help it's highly appreciated Amazing!

While am watching it on my LG smart TV it sucks.. especially hd quality. You can't even watch full movie . It stucks stucks and plays. Can't able to concentrate on movie. A big minus is it doesn't have a pause option too.. and my bad luck is am unable to watch the movie on other sites as its not available. Waste of my time. Sucks! Works great

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