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I like it. There could be a larger selection of books. But my only issue is that the audio playback is low. When i use other apps i don't usually have tho them up all the way. I can hear them fine. This i can barely hear with the volume all the way up. No matter if I'm using something through bluetooth or headphones. Its a low playback. Otherwise i like the operation of the app. Just update the playback volume Marvelous

Every few months i install the app, try to use it for a while and give up. Please give us the ability to shrink the margin size! The margin default option is good for reading on a tablet but way to big when reading on a phone. Great job

2016 review: Play books family share is a great feature that Amazon Kindle lacks. So, I stopped buying there. But as far as the app goes, Kindle is a far more polished app. For example, the page curl on turning a page looks much more neat. A lot of times the punctuations are missing in a Play Book. In one book, the character '—' was missing in the entire book joining words together. Sometimes, you don't notice that as much. But other times, you will literally pause in confusion. Overall, okay app. 2018 review: Improved one star. Still Amazon user interface and customizations are nicer. And what with fonts? Amazon user Droid Serif font and Android can't? So, long way to go for 5 stars. Fabulous!

What it does it does ok but... The huge problem is that it doesn't provide any way of organising the books. I had just assumed such a basic feature would be included so have now purchased lots of titles from Google. If I'd spotted this earlier I wouldn't have wasted my money as it will soon become too ungainly to use. Good

It works. Not quite as enjoyable as Kindle - there's no way I can see to show time left in chapter/book. I also like to have the time displayed without having to tap/swipe etc. I do like that you can sync third party books across devices, and this is the only reason I prefer it over Kindle. Cool

Meh. Interface is like a rough draft handed in for the C. Visually displeasing and uninformative like how Gmail is. Dedigned by kids who flunked Shapes, Colors, and Spatial Relationships. No bookmarks? (No, I don't use Drive. Shouldn't have to. That a lot of memory for bookmarks, dude). Can't download long books in segments? BOOO!!!! How lame. How lazy. How arrogantly indifferent. This is (partly) why I only use Google for image searches these past 3-4 years. Just, not as user friendly. Results too skewed by commercial concerns. And nobody does ethics like Startpage these days. Unimpressive. Arrogantly subpar. Minimally ok. Competitive prices are the single redemptive feature. A few titles are available & priced so as to make drifting from Audible worth it. Even if the listening experience is inferior. If Google was my student, they'd get a frowning 'incomplete' and a lecture about writing FOR an audience, who does them a favor by reading their work. This is a weak, insolent effort. Perfect!

This is great because books are relatively cheaper compared to Audible even without a monthly subscription fee. However, it still lacks useful features such as bookmarking and note taking. Great job

Dear Google, Is there a Google subscription whereby I can pay monthly and read as many books as I like? For example Google play music, £9.99 a month and stream/download as many albums as I like. If not there's a potential market for it ;) Go well

I am glad Google are venturing into the audiobook realm in addition to e-books. But I would definitely welcome an updated, improved Play Books app, which has more integration of audio and ebooks purchased via Google. I mean in the sense that you can both read and listen at the same time if you want to, as well as easily switching from reading to listening. This is doable with Amazon's Audible and Kindle apps, and those work together very well. It is shame because I have Google Home and other Google products, but this is certainly something that might sway me from using those Amazon apps mentioned. Until then though, I will be sticking with Amazon for e-reading and audiobooks. There is obviously a wider range of books to choose from on Amazon. Flawless

I can't translate from English to Thai language. Before reset my phone this function can use. Do you have some method to solve this problem. Just wow

I love I cold read the books on it for ever and it is a great way if you have a lot of homework to do and you have tourwad a whol book now you can to this at ones with this app Great!

Syncs well with all devices and very easy to use. Would be awesome if it had the ability to save brightness presets so you don't spend 10 minutes trying to get the best brightness. Great!

On par with the Kindle app (at least in GUI) but is a bit lacking in some very specific areas. I don't believe there is a way to highlight across pages, but that's about as far as complaints go. Good

I love finding books on here and many of them are free or cheap. I also really like the offline dictionary. I use this app to read most of the time. the read aloud option is great! I listen to books while I'm driving or doing dishes. It can get confusing since it uses your tts on your phone and there is no way to tell when different people are talking but now there are audio books available too so if you listen to books a lot that might be the way to go. Overall this app has everything you could ask for. Works perfectly

For some reason it keeps saying my device is offline when there is jo problem with my Internet connectivity and I am simultaneously updating my apps too. I haven't even been past the first few steps of starting the app. Not sure if I should update. Only gonna take up unwanted space So.i updated the app as advised, but now upload option is gone, and since Google play book isn't available in my country, the app is still useless. Only increases a star because atleast someone replied to the previous one. Consumer happiness, something not many care about Great job

Hi I'm from Iraq and I love this application so much but recently it keeps shutting down and become disabled why is that happening I hope you fix it soon all the best wow lol

I really enjoy this app, but recently it has started suggesting books while I am reading. I'm not enjoying this as it is really distracting. Fantastic

The addition of finished reading start reading continue reading shelves was great. but I can really be flexible with the shelves. Now imagine that I accidentally opened a book and I decided that I will read it later so I start some other book. Now the book I opened earlier will stay in my continue reading shelf. And that's gonna bug me when you keep asking me to continue reading a book which I haven't even started yet... please fix this issue Perfect

I like the audio in the car....but the whole read is one big long sentence and no way to control read speed. Punctuation needs a fix as well as read speed....ill rerate if those things can get fixed Works perfectly

I love that it can read the book to you. A speed up/slow down setting would be a welcome addition. My only problem with the application is the difficulties with highlighting. It is tedious to accurately select the text and highlighting across page breaks is impossible. I wish they'd fix that. 5 star

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