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READ THIS. This is all you need to know. This is a pretty good app for storing all of your photos. You cannot edit them, but the google assistant sometimes stylizes(edits) photos and creates short movies. You can store as many photos and videos as you want for free at "High Quality"(1080p) or use original quality of photo/ video to use the 15 GB of drive storage. This can be changed in the settings menu. The feature that I like is automatic upload every time I take a photo/video. No worries to people that have limited data, in the settings you can make it so it only automatically uploads on wifi. Awesome

The best of all is that Google photos made me a photo book that I could purchase from the last year, best of fall, best of winter. I could edit it if I wanted to. For a busy mama who loves having photo books around but doesn't have a lot of time to do extra projects, this was amazing! I also love how it shows me photos from a year ago, 4 years ago once in a while. Omg

They got me at the dog face recognition. It operates smoothly and is excellent at organizing things into categories. The face recognition is shockingly good -- I had three photos of one person, and it pieced together that two distance photos (one poorly lit, one twenty feet away, and placed it with a right angle profile picture accurately. It will also automatically upload your photos to your Photo cloud storage while removing them from your phone to free up space. The only downside is some apps like Nextdoor don't recognize its cloud storage portion as a valid folder path on my Pixel XL, so I have to download the photo to upload it other places. I don't consider that much of a draw back overall, though, as it isn't very common. love it

My life has been bliss with Google Plus. Dont knpw how Id function without it. Millions of views, hundreads and thousands of photos stored, and I think they finally started charging me $2.00 for space. My blogs are also on Google. I should ne working for Google as much as I talk about-promote it! Works perfectly

This is the only Google app that is still good, but also here I noticed some bad changes. Like no cloud button anymore, so we don't know if we have some photos not backed up. And video player is pretty bad. wow lol

I love this app. The only thing I would like to be different if that when you do burst shooting, the photos are put so you can only see them all if you click on the thumbnail image. There is no way to separate them out so they can be covered like the rest . Must have

I swear by this photo app it's a huge part of the reason I will never use anything other than android. I tell ppl about it alk the time, I also know that I can trust that my pics and memories will never be lost Good

Consistent app between android and Windows. Once the automatic synchronization of images is turned on, all my photos are almost in the cloud instantly. Photos app allows easy and convenient access to all my memories. Assistant is the best and amazing tool which automatically and brilliantly creates stories and video style compilations Editor options are limited Superb!

Nice reminders of good ol' times. App will make a collage and it'll pop up on the date to remind you of them. I have pictures of the birth of my son, pictures of family outings of the exact date on previous years, just awesome. Go well

Not sure about a lot of things, mainly to do with the Assistant. I would like to be able to 'make' it do some of the things it seems to do automatically - like panoramas and animations... Maybe I'm missing something? Worth it!

I love this app, it does everything I could want with no hassle. I go through photos when I have spare time and I touch things up; I'm just super impressed that I have some really nice photos coming out of this app with so little time involved. Thanks Google! 5 star

I only started using this around two weeks ago and I don't k ow how I loved without it. Google Photos makes everything so manageable and easy. Definitely an app you need in you life. Pretty good

Working great so far. I really like that me and my wife can share our library and only copy pictures of us and our son to either drive without having to upload EVERY picture taken by the other person. Face detection works great. I do think that if you share a library with an individual that the facial recognition that one library has built could be shared as well to help the other library sort more quickly and more accurately. But, great app. Worth using. Perfect!

Problem with auto sync... Unable to back up photos automatically unless and until i open the app...Facing this problem since 2 months...Kindly Help or bring up an update... Must needed app... Works great

This is the best app one can ever have on their smartphone. It lets you backup all your photos for free upto 16 mp for stills and 1080i for videos. WOW!! And for those who wanna store even bigger pixels..they have another 15 GB free..but wait!! reallyy?? Ain't 16mp enough for you..?? The AI does the face recognition and it can show all photos of one person in one place. It's just awesome. Go well

5 is what it deserves right now. But I gave it a 3 just to keep things humble. I have never seen anything quite like this. Its a must have if you want everything in life and your phone sorted out. Having said that I am waiting for more jaw dropping advances and shall continue to increase my rating of it.. Great job

I love this app! I didn't realize it backed all my photos automatically and I'm really glad that it does; I thought I had lost hundreds of photos of my family and friends. I was playing around with the app and discovered that it had been doing so for quite some time; I was very grateful! So, 2 thumbs up from me with 5 starts!! Surprisingly

The most amazing app ever. Shout out to top features like sharing photos based on face recognition , assistant making cute surprises with new collages video edits and many more. Google you nailed it Enjoy it!

Best option I've seen for photo organization on Android. The AI helpers are really useful, and get better the more you use them. I wish it was possible to sort based on file size and if a photo is original size or optimized. This also needs to show patch notes so we know what changed on each release. Not bad

It's an amazing app and nothing comes close. Only problem I have is, when I create a movie and I'm editing it, I press back and I loose all the movie. Please add a message to stop it from happening. I have just done it twice in a row and God knows how many times in the passed. Other then that, amazing. Awesome

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