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Layout and presentation is great, but the recommendations are very difficult to change. It keeps showing articles about topics no matter how many times I click "see fewer stories like this." It's great if you just want to keep up with mainstream news, but it doesn't come close to replacing Feedly or Flipboard. Good

The app looks and generally works great, but performance drops the longer you stay on it - it uses up battery faster, and scrolling becomes jumpy and inconsistent. You often have to fight the app to scroll down on some articles, especially when there are ads present. - Galaxy S8 Recommend

Much better now that they've restored the "Latest" subtab in some of the key topics. There is still a weird thing that happens where if you scroll too fast while reading an article, it snaps back in the opposite direction. It didn't used to do that, and it's super annoying. If they can fix that, I'll re-rate to 5 stars. Works great

The app is a good way of keeping up with the news. However, every article has ads in between every other paragraph and this covers the first line of text on the paragraph directly below the ad...even if you click to close the ad it simply leaves a blank canvas which still covers the article text! I used to think it was because maybe the app wasn't optimised for my previous non-mainstream phone but the same thing happens on my Galaxy Note 8! Flawless

I use the app regularly and I really like the way it customizes articles based on my reading preferences. But, of late, I have discovered that once I have spent a considerable time within the app, say 15 minutes straight, it becomes difficult to scroll up the screen. I swipe up to read the rest of the article but the screen brings me back to the top. Please look into this and rectify for a seamless user experience. Pretty good

I started using this as a way to filter through the news and see the stories I actually care about, at least in theory. In practice I am constantly telling it which content I do not like and it just keeps on ignoring it... It seems for every sport news site I block, it adds two new sport sources. I simply do not care about sport, I simply do not care about the cult celebrity. Yet no matter how many times I try to tell the app this, you can guarantee they're going to be in there. You can only roughly guide it towards the news you actually want, too many people like things like sport and celebrity to stop it from pushing it on you. It would help if the app had a section to block certain themes, rather than just telling it what you want. love it

I love this app for being integrated with Google and for having all the news topics I'm interested in one place. Plus, I can prevent stories from certain news sources from appearing on my main page; definitely useful for blocking out far-right or far-left news sources in order to get news articles from highly accredited and low-bias news sources. Enjoy it!

Works great, and then the ads start covering content, and sometimes make it impossible to scroll down without automatically snapping you back to the ad, and then freezes the phone as it tries to load some phone thieving ad, and once you get past that, you're back at the top of the article and have to find where you were again. And that's only if you haven't thrown your phone by now. Fabulous!

Great news app that is beautiful and the recommendations are always spot on. By far the best news app out there. Great job Google! Good

I would like Google to return the magazine portion to the Google books app, like it used to be. I don't like having to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the news to find my magazines. Either that or have a dedicated icon at the top of the page for me to select so that I can get to my magazines quickly. Must have

This app is full of ads that are SCAMS. I have tried several websites that advertise on this app and they are online shops with no working numbers and fake branded goods. I don't know why google isn't screening them. Shame on you google. Flawless

I really like it. I haven't been in touch with the news for awhile as much as I'd wanted. Especially local news. I just didn't have the time to go through all those news sites and apps. But now cause of Newstand I keep in touch with both international and national news from different news organisations. It's a really good app and the interface is easy-to-use. You can choose which news organisations and topics that you regularly want to see too. It's pretty great for those who tend to busy. But sadly it doesn't really have the BBC as a news source... Only downside I've had so far Recommend

I really like this app - the layout, UI, and timely, relevant articles are great. The issue that I have is that after scrolling through and reading several articles, the app slows down greatly and almost grinds to a halt. This is still worth using, however. I'm still trying to determine if this is an issue with my device. wow lol

Not load anything! Just blank! Update :- Hi Dev, already done that multiple times, no charm. Update 2 :- Now it's working just a moment ago. Btw, there's should/must have the option to just showing news from user prefered region and news sources only. Up until now (after several years), there is none. Perfect!

Please add a setting that allows users to hide or swipe away news stories that have already been read. My feed is usually clogged with articles I've already read. Note that I already know how to hide an entire source or block entire topics - that's unrelated to my issue. I want to be able to swipe away INDIVIDUAL articles that have already been view/read. Enjoy it!

Works great on my Pixel and Pixel XL. This is a really great app but I think it really needs to be merged with the Google feed that is built into the Pixel launcher when you swipe to the left. Now I understand not all Android devices come with the Pixel launcher that's why you should have the Google feed be this app and if you don't have the Pixel launcher, install this app as a standalone to get that experience. Just my opinion, but it's such a great app that it really needs to be showcased and I think you'll get more subscriptions signed up because it's available in this way. Oh and can we do something about the widget not very user-friendly or very usable. Not bad

I like having news at my fingertips, unfortunately I'm only getting news from unknown sources, as in, the media outlets you've contacted with for some part, has no legitimate sources and/or it's outwardly biased and untrustworthy. I am not able to customize which news out lets I get notifications for, and I can't block certain news stations (((CNN))). Also a comment section under each article would be cool, allow for the community to discuss what's happening in our world, together. Marvelous

As of latest updates this app no longer works right. It keeps stalling when scrolling and on occasion goes the opposite way it is scrolled. Only on this app. The longer I read the articles the worse it gets. Always have to exit app and start over. Sometimes that doesn't work either. 5 star

Good app overall, been using it since launch However something is now amiss with the app. I'm using it on Pixel 2 XL, and when offline there is some sort of phantom calls made, so when loading downloaded articles from cache there is a massive delay. Enjoy it!

No matter how many times I tell it not to, it still shows me football news. And you can't control the sources in the library section. But it runs well. *This includes using the 'recommended fewer stories like this' button, it just refuses to take my input into account. At least I got it to stop showing me daily mail shite. Awesome

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