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I really love his app. I love the zoom feature and how easy it is to discover more artwork from favorite artists. Great!

For the longest time I've wanted to get into art, but there's been no good way to do so, with there not being any large resource dedicated to collections of online versions of famous art. With this, I've finally been able to start looking at art and learning about it Muito bom!

Mainly wanted to try out the selfie feature, works for me in Canada. Fun to see which arts look similar to you, and the information they provide behind the art as well. Not huge into art, but I admire the things you can find on here. Give it a try. Works perfectly

I love this app, too bad there are so many people giving it negative reviews because of the insignificant selfie feature. For me, the only thing that I miss are the options to bookmark articles for later and maybe a better way to filter interesting content. Edit: with the new update the app gets 5 stars from me. Marvelous

I like art from all over the planet. And Google gives me this. Thank you Google Worth a go!

I live in Texas, north of Dallas. Why doesn't the selfie doppelganger feature show up anywhere in my app? Y'all know that's why everyone is downloading this all of a sudden. Yet even in the region it is supposed to work in, it still fails to work for so many people. Other than that it might be an awesome app for art lovers. But since I'm not THAT into it, I only wanted the feature that doesn't work. Therefore I'm pretty disappointed in this app. Worth it!

Downloaded for the selfie app which wasn't available in Aus at the time. Its not even the best thing about this app to be honest. The content itself is really good. Lots of interesting articles and info about artists. You can also use street view to explore places and galleries. I liked palace of versailles. If you're into art I recommend it Worth a go!

Interesting, I didn't get it just for that doppelganger. I live in Illinois where by law it has to be region locked because of stupid biometric reasons. My suggestion is if you want to use the doppelganger is to use a VPN and connect to a different region of the US, and boom it's there. You may have to scroll down a bit to find it... Superb!

What a wonderful app! The minimalist design is clean and clear which allows for the easy and enjoyable exploration of arts and culture from around the world! It's a bummer people have marked this app down solely due to the selfie feature not being available in some regions. Pretty good

I have had this app for a while now, but not really used it that much, there is the great new article I see every now and then. Started to hear more about the doppleganger effect thing that has gone viral to spend a good few hours looking and not finding. Can only assume that it's locked to certain regions. Am based in the UK. I would give this 5 stars if this wasn't so region specific! Great!

Disappointed that the selfie feature is not available but i hope it will be soon. This is an amazing app, with awesome content. Unfortunately the user interface is awful and makes the app difficult to use. Some buttons dont respo d, I'm unable to favorite certain things, the scroll feature is faulty at times, etc. 2 stars bc of the difficult interface, hope it improves with future updates Superb!

Love the art. But like everyone else I downloaded it for the selfie match. My son thought it would be cool, well it's available in my area yet everytime he takes a picture it completely freezes. After waiting for 20 to 30 mins I'm forced to restart my phone. Very disappointed Marvelous

Is your portrait in a museum feature disappeared from the list so I only got to try it a couple of times. It says it's only available in some regions because of state laws and not by Google's choice, so don't blame them, contact your state law makers if you want to be able to use this feature, which is pretty cool..when it works. Works perfectly

Lovely to explore. I waited patiently for the doppleganger part, soon all my fellow Canadians were showing their results, so excitedly I went to check mine. No network connection it said. Okay. Wait a few more days. Try again. No network connection it says again. Wait a few more days. Try again. No network connection. So. Not sure what this means. My data works and all the rest of the app is viewable. Loved the street art piece. So I expect the No network connection is on your end somewhere. Also lost points as Google play review seems to be the only way to contact anyone about app issues. Thank you for making an app about art. Omg

To get to the museum doppelganger photo just scroll down the page till you see it! I messed with the museum photo thing for like an hour its pretty addictive! It kept pulling up the same pictures no matter how much I disguised myself it knew who I was! It's fun to watch everyone else and see the faces they make. I like seeing all the different artwork. It would be awesome if we could use our pets face! I tried it on my cat and dog a few times but it did not work. My pets want to find their museum doppelganger too! Cool

Not Goggle's fault but due to Illinois' and Texas' strict biometrics laws the face matching feature you're all looking for is unavailable in this two states. Not something Google has control over. Otherwise app is nicely done and a great resource. Must have

This is a helpful app for those who are art fanatics. I enjoy the selfie app wherein it compares artworks around the world to see if someone looks like you. The app is working great on my phone. So far, I have no issues or troubles using this app. It would have been a 5 star rating of there is an option wherein the user can also contribute photos of artworks from any art museum or photo gallery Must have

Great app, but, the selfie match doesn't work great. When I first downloaded it I found the selfie tool right away and opened but wasn't in a good place to take a picture so closed out. Now I can't find it anywhere despite looking for 20 minutes, both in the app and online. Fix this and I'll give it 5 stars. Works great

The face match for paintings is not showing up. I have an android(galaxy 8), don't know if it's a region thing, you guys should really change that. Please fix. Other than that the app is very helpful, creative and educational. Just please fix and I can rate 5. Brilliant

While yes I downloaded for the doppelganger thing, and no it wasn't available in my region. I find it strange that people are calling this "selfish", it's just a bloody feature! I am sure if Google could they would want to make it available to as many people as possible. Great!

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