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AdWords Management Tool Simple functionality and that's great for an app. Allows AdWords tracking plus basic changes. Alerts would be a great addition.

Finally.. Oh Finally And it even works for MCC account. As an agency I can monitor all my clients' account anywhere now. Sweet.!!

Works with MCC All I really cared about was being able to sign in using an MCC account, which you can! For data and changes on the go, it works great from what I see.

Worth the long wait Accessing the MCC and checking the client's account in a glance lets you be on top of their campaigns wherever you are. This app will be a game changer.

So fast and clean Its a pretty good on the go snapshot of your account. It would be great if they had a notification setting to send a notification if budget runs out early. The only problem would be notifications at 10pm.

Good but does not have all features App is good for starting but need to improve and adding all features like keyword edtiting. Recommend to take AdWords APK

Home tab looks wonderful ! Check basic and most important thing - cost, clicks , CTR and conversions while on-the-go. Waiting for IS - impression share and cost per converted click in customize column. I would like to add "use opportunities more consciously with opportunity tab"

Now easily check AdWords 24/7... Very pleased. A breeze to install, easy to switch between accounts and intuitive navigation. I'm sure as I start to use it more often I'll notice numerous limitations compared with the web/desktop version, but as a way of easily checking campaigns and making top level tweaks like budget and bid changes and pausing/un-pausing elements this is an awesome, much desired app which Google have finally delivered on, and delivered well.

Interesting 1st step.. Loved the home dashboard, It will be really useful to get some quick insights on the go.

Love the MCC but still no Conversions I love that I can login using my MCC address. Bonus marks there. gets the app above a pass. I think we'd all agree that we've moved beyond Impressions and Clicks. None of us have focused on CTR since last decade. You've got the data, please include Converted Clicks, Conversion Rate and Cost per Converted Click.

Simple but useful Well designed UI and I can customize to my liking (conv and cost per conv is available but its a bit hidden in the customize columns menu)

Finally! Thank you Google Have been looking forward to an app for a long time ! Everything seems to be working well, even MCC!

This app is awesome! I have been waiting for an AdWords App for such a long time. I'm so glad it's finally here!

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