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Good enough Can we change or add columns in the first screen of the home page like cost per conversion, converted click etc Surprisingly

Guzel hizli Gelistirin abi faturalandirma felan olsun anahtar kelime sil cikar duzenle sonunda geldi bu uygulama cok gec kalindi. Good

Has to be a record - THANK YOU! Thank you so much for listening to the feedback. I cannot believe how quickly you made this app so amazing. You absolutely NAILED the usability and essential feature set. Every other product team could take a leaf out of the AdWords app team's book. The app is now a home screen fixture. It's been over two years since I relegated an app off the home screen in favour of something more useful. Now, we're into feature request territory :) Allowing ad text edits and app start pin protection would be amazing. Amazing!

Problems fixed... :) Really great app after some initial problems. Really good for when your on the go/ out of the office. Awesome

Can't connect error! It says it can't connect to network. Please resolve this so that I can explore this app!! Perfect!

On the go reporting Great for the times you need to peek at how your campaigns are performing. Maybe further updates can bring more functions to the app Flawless

Loved it! Would be great if we had the option to have even more columns when landscaping, then scroll sideways. Perfect

Oh well It works good. I see all my campaigns and keywords and ad groups. . But, 1 thing the app can definitely improve is, functions for editing the ads and adding keywords. Looking forward to that. Fantastic

Way to go Google! Been waiting a longtime for this! Will help a lot to stay in touch with Adwords account! Enjoy it!

Good basic account info on the go! Yes the app could have a lot more this and that granted, but when I want to get down to the details of my accounts that's what my laptop/desktop is for people. Quick, convenient data to have before a client meeting. love it

Great for checking performance This app is great for checking your accounts performance. Easy to navigate and see the metrics you need. Great job

Quite useful I find it quite useful and more practical than the Express version. Unfortunately, video ad campaigns are missing from the app. I hope they will be included soon. Highly Recommend.

Good I have to change my review after i find that there is option to get conversion column. Very happy...

It's a good start It's a good start, but definitely needed more control on managing campaigns, campaign settings, etc. Love the graphical insights for each campaign which is not something in the desktop ui.

Great start, but... Very easy to use, intuitive, fairly quick to make some basic updates. Great start. Any chance we can check or update billing details or user access details? I could not find anything on this? Hope this can be addressed soon, it would be very useful.. Recommend to get AdWords APK

Getting there. Super stuff. We really need more conversion data though. Having a conversions column in one view isn't enough. We need conversion data everywhere. Would be nice to be able to edit text ads for those times you get a disapproval while out too. Really great start but we need to be able to action things while mobile. Also, PLEASE provide a change log with each version . even an overview. It's really annoying not knowing what an update contains and it's pretty bad form from a development perspective too.

Love it! Easier to check campaigns through out the day now. I can't be at a computer checking my stats while I'm at work-- this app will definitely help me improve my campaigns on the go.

Updated from 3 stars to 4 stars It's not going to be that useful until more columns are allowed. 4 columns of data that you can view and they are very basic. Impressions, clicks cost. No conversion data at all. Once it is added it will be a little more useful. Update: Okay after being shown how you can change the columns I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 3. Still not 5 but a hell of a lot better than trying to navigate the Adwords web admin on a smart phone. Thanks Google.

When will I see conversions? It's a great step and I suppose was long pending. However, dear Google, when would I be able to see conversions?. Recommend to take AdWords APK

Finally! Easy interface...smooth and useful. My first impressions (get it.... "first impressions") are only positive.

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