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Can't do much It's fine for seeing results of your ad campaigns but I would love to be able to make quick changes too, add keywords, edit the bids and much more ! Great job

Ultimate Solution... The right shoulder of Google like right shoulder of Human... It is little bit different from any other apps. But digital world can't stay without it... Go well

Best Marketing Tool for your Business Unbelievable, you can get access to WORLD at throw away price. People search your product & service and your company is found. Sales Starts, WOW !!!!! Muito bom!

Not working Since the last update the app won't start, but before this update it was a good app Surprisingly

Good luck AdWords account for the use of this communication including attachments may contain confidential information intended recipient please notify me immediately Cool

Great app! Very useful Make sure you click the arrow instead of the done button when you try to sign into your exsisting google account. For some reason when you click the "done" button vs the arrow, it gives you an error saying you don't have an account when you try to add it. Marvelous

Up reading Wish i understood how to use the app . i guess reading is good better than sleep lost .. Marvelous

No longer works I live in UK and the app is great as i can monitor campaigns and make adjustments to my bids on the move. However, whilst on my travels in the far east the app just suddenly stopped working. Even on wifi connection. Bing Ads still works fine together with all others so its not a connectivity issue. Cool

Great app for checking high level stats on the fly. It does everything it promises to do. Good

Droid Turbo 2 Please help me with this tech ...not your fault ...I am not as techy as I wish I were ...65 y/o ... Don't tell anyone ...kind regards ... Julianna Marie Fawcett~Olmedo Perfect

LOL Google, your automatic transmission thing is hilarious! Virus destroys pingasville oh also btw that was to make goog respoond Marvelous

Nice but you can't edit Nice app to monitor campaigns, but as you can not edit them it is not so useful. At least few basic changes like cost per click or the budget should be allowed in the app. Great job

Synced clients gmails I run adwords for several clients so was not expecting the Gmail emails to be synced when adding the accounts. Now my phone is full of client emails... not good Superb!

Doesn't appear to have the tool for searching if your ad is appearing on Google. love it

Mr. Davesh Director Anticorruption, Human Rights Observers. United Nation Underlegislation government of India Must have

Decent option for on the go Keep getting "server error, please try again" message every time I open the app on any network or on data. Not sure why or whether I'm getting accurate stats when I check the app Amazing!

A great way to keep up with campaigns while on the go. Still a bit limited but I am seeing myself use this more and more Great!

App layout is neat and uncluttered. The app logo pretty similar to gdrive, so can be confusing. Great first version otherwise. Perfect

Not bad For an agency like myself who has hundreds of accounts it would be useful if there's a search bar, will google add that feature? Enjoy it!

Can't actually manage anything Ok, so it's a nice clean layout. You look into ad groups, ads etc. Then decide that you need to edit an ad or add a keyword but you can't! What's the point of a pure reporting app when you can't make important changes at times where you can't access a computer? A good start, but you really need to build on this with actual management tools. Great job

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