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Adword recent updates has crashed my conversion rate. Something wrong with it big time. Awesome

Needs ability to add or remove keywords via the app, minor url or keyword changes should not need to go through review process again. App is a bit clunky needs a more user friendly interface, more like analytics app. Highly Recommend.

I think while chatting with friends and selling my products to them online then I will earn some cash. Perfect!

I can tell about this app after reading I think this app will be best off my all dictionary Enjoy it!

This app used to alert me when my account balance was low. Now it tells me when it is exhausted, which means I'm missing business. What happened? Perfect

This is very important app for maintain your YouTube channel I always use this app for my video tags searching Great!

The app is only helpful for a handful of things, really wish I could create new campaigns and ads inside the app. Pretty good

I Kno w I can succeed in my business with such awesome tools. Thanks Google, always helpful Not bad

Make in India with low class people now knowledge. about. Internet world digital world. So lot of thanks to geo life infinity ***** wishes all. best from crore crore indians. Mera bharat Mahan hai 5 star

I like knowing what is going on around the house fo I feel safer. I know just what to expect.that gives me a peace of mind Great job

I we have to review the meaning of the words we read I admit that I can't understand some of words or term Worth it!

I just have one recommendation can you give an option of adding & deleting/ editing​ of Keywords... Please! Marvelous

We support challenge s and safety number one and transparent view no short cut.all professional and images and words and sense 5 star

It's ok. The big problem for me is that you can't see the schedule section. It shows one day and the rest of the screen is white. So pretty much you can't manage the times for the days the ad will run. I've waited for it to be fixed and it hasn't been. I finally sent an email today about it. Let's see if they actually do something about it. AdWords is already expensive enough to where it should justify an app that you can actually use to manage AdWords with. Superb!

The adword app does almost everything as desktop version. But there are few features lacking , e.g. it doesn't allow to diagnose the keywords which would tell the real time staus of the keywords. I had to check in adword preview tool to see the status of my keywords. I hope google will improve the app to make it easier to manage ppc on the fly. Amazing!

Good stuff nice to see overviews while on the road, Easy to pause campaigns and make basic changes. Good for meetings too. Amazing!

Thank you so much for the app now, I can manage my AdWords with my fingers. I just have one recommendation can you give me an option of adding & deleting/ editing​ of Keywords... Please! Awesome

Please realize the ability to switch off campaigns in one display (not to go in every campaign and stop separately) It takes too much time to stop several campaigns Worth a go!

Go to app for sites that need exposure to targeted traffic. Either startups or tough to get serps. Nokaoi Amazing!

I cannot adjust the columns like the desktop version. There's no views column on video ads. It really needs to be more optimized. Works perfectly

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