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In order to fill my monthly RX, I have to reenter my medication info to get a new coupon. And getting the coupon for my preferred RX takes several isn't user friendly. If you're in a hurry, it can be frustrating. Otherwise, great app. Extremely appreciative of the savings!!! Pretty good

Check the app before you go to purchase your expensive prescription medications. You will be happy you did!. Superb!

Very helpful with prescription drug pricing. Allows searching using current location or individual city, town, zip code entry. Will give typical dosage and monthly amount prescribed by default or allow individual entry that is specific for ones prescription. Contains the brand and generic names of drugs. Areas within app include personal login, Passover, refill reminder, news, tips, drug information, settings, price alerts and administrative areas about app itself. Recommend for anyone and especially those without insurance and on long term medication mgmt. Good

Help me save money,customer service is very helpful an friendly.they got 5 stars Fantastic

I was paying $90 to refill every 90 days. I found a place on this app too get the same thing for$19. It's not often an app is so useful. Omg

Love this app,easy to use,helpful reminders( you can set each med on monthly calendar)& been able to help my family save lots of $ by getting better [email protected] pharmacy Great!

Saves Patients out of pocket expense. I'm a Certified Pharmcy Tech. we are always looking for ways our patients can save on their meds when they have no insurance. I'm very excited to share this app with them they will be thrilled that they can save money . Thank you so much for the mastermind of this app. I would love to see more apps such as this to save money for our patients especially the patients that are on limited income. God bless you Great!

Good discounts. Bring your phone and show it to the pharmacist because 50% of the time they've tried to overcharge me until I ran the app right in front of their face and show them the price and the app price is the price that was right they were wrong. Pharmacies tried to charge me up to $30 over what the app said it would cost so make sure you verify the cost on your Rx app to what they actually charge Again I've never had the app be wrong every time I had the pharmacist rerun it showing pharmacist what my phone said and telling them that I just ran it I got the drugs for the price on the app. Good app saves me a lot of $ wow lol

I was so amazed that now I can afford my medicine w/o insurance. I just retired and didn't know how I was going to afford it. I thought i was going to have to go without it until a friend told me about Good Rx. Just wow

This app is great I lost my insurance about a month ago, and the few meds I have to take are unfortunately costly. This is app is so great honestly. Ohhh!!! And FYI!!! If you find a lower cost coupon on here. Instead of transferring rxs over and over again to find the best place, just take it Walmart pharmacy, their newish policy is that "as long as a customer presents the coupon in question to us we will take it and match the price" Thank you Good Rx! Omg

This app is abosoulty amazing, did not realize there was such a difference in the cost of scripts. I had awesome insurance and just went to what was convenient. Now i have NO insurance and on some i am paying less than my co-pay was. Pretty good

Between than some stupid companies that charge you a 500 spend down for prescription drugs, it's better to use no insurance like this app Fabulous!

First prescription I used it on was $90+ but after using this app. It went down to $42! AWESOME Good

Best discount plan available. Cheaper than Insurance out of pocket costs sometimes. Brilliant

My first use I saved exactly $100 off my copay to my insurance company. All great pharmacies will take your Good Rx coupon. Thanks for saving me so much money ! Awesome

Saved me a lot of money, and I have INSURANCE.... but that was essentially useless more expensive, than using this App & paying out of pocket. Enjoy it!

Love this app very helpful to understanding different medications, and what they are used for. Great job

I had a medication not covered by my new employers health insurance. GoodRx helped me find the pharmacy with best price + gave me a coupon that saved me a significant amount of money. Very pleased with GoodRx! Worth it!

Always check prices before I drop my prescription off at the pharmacy. App is very good if you want to save money. This is the best way to save on your medication if you don't have insurance. Highly Recommend.

This app has saved me a lot of money. My insurance does not pay for many of my meds. I was buying these meds through my insurance company and paying much more for them. Thank you so much!!! Worth a go!

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