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I love it but there are way TOO many ads & I'm NOT a fan of the timer but all in all I give it 4 stars. Worth it!

Really like this addictive, fun game. Great graphics and good to play when you have a few Mins to spare. Works perfectly

It kinda cool just have to remember their are 9 different trys to get ur hole hand through without any left overs or as they call it a Hole in 1 Must have

Its a nice version of Golf Solitaire with the exception of way to many ads ...I understand that with free games you will have ads ...But an ad every , I mean before every hand ..I am uninstalling to find one with less ads or for $1.99 no ads Muito bom!

Not sure why it's called Golf but it's fun. Works well but has some hick ups that causes freezing every so often. Nothing major. Well done!!

If you don't understand the scores it's doesn't really let you know if your doing a great job so far an well ,,Well I wanted to know ,So u should have THAT SEXY Worth a go!

Although I've only played a few games I can tell this will be one to keep highly addictive fun little game Awesome

A great way to pass time whilst waiting to go somewhere in a short while. Well done Worth a go!

The ads make it not so good. The game is easy to play. Was hoping it had more chances to win points and things, like Fairway Solitaire. Not sure with the ads if I'm keeping it or not. I like the game though Muito bom!

Would be a grat game exept for adds and graphics as nrly oldas me once completed a 8 9 or 16 hole thats it Go well

This is a fun game and a good way to pass the time. Very easy game to play and very relaxing. Muito bom!

The ads are a little. Irritating but I shouldn't complain since I get to play free. The rest I make do with. Thanks for letting me play. Not bad

I used to play Fairway Golf Solitare until they SUCKED all the fun out it this, this game is great, just what I was looking for. Great game, great job, get it, you will enjoy it. Marvelous

Game is decent time waster... but don't like the ads after each hand. Really interrupts the flow 5 star

It's OK. I mean if your sitting in the Drs office waiting to be called it's a good time passer/It's free so you get what you pay for... Fabulous!

It's ok so far but have not played for long so I see how it goes before I decide to keep it or not. Good

Just started playing so far it's fun need to play a few more games before I really get a hold on it so far so good Cool

Just started playing this version of golf solitaire. I like it a bunch. Very addictive. Superb!

Apart from the ads to which I have given 4 stars.I find this app.Competitive & Contagious. Amazing!

The graphics are clear and large enough on my mobile. The best game of its type. 10/10 Muito bom!

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