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Loved this app until the Video ads I'll admit, I've used this app since September 2015 and earned a lot of rewards. Used to redeem once a week. Since the update in January, only was able to redeem twice. Not worth my time anymore, unfortunately. Perfect

It's cool Still like the older version better but seriously why is there not an app with rewards for all NBA teams why only the select few? Omg

Excellent APP!! The articles about the players and teams are awesome and current. I'm loving the new platform more every day. Stick with it a while, the learning curve is well worth it. Worth a go!

The older version was much better I have really loved this app however with the new update I have felt like this app is now just as all the other rewards apps....worthless.... I like the added trivia and games but there is not enough time for trivia and the points awarded for trivia and games are not worth the time. The new point cap is also another negative, while I understand why capping the points but to cap the points at 2000 for liking and 2000 for games etc is impossible to actually collect the 5000 or 10000 .. love it

Better before the new update The newest updated has made the app basically unusable and points impossible to get. I like the added trivia but don't like the must download apps to get points instead of the 300 point ads. I have limited space on my phone so I can't upload new apps at all .....please please bring back the previous platform it was so much more user friendly and sports person friendly. The new update makes the app impossible to use .

You're missing out Where else can you earn points just by reading up on your favorite team and then get free gear just because you're in the know? No where, that's the point!

Fabulous! I love this app! At first I thought it had to be a scam somehow, but it's the real deal. I've only had it a few weeks and already I've earned rewards and prizes. And the customer service is fantastic!

No points So I got the golden state warriors app and decided maybe I could use it to get a free shirt before I go to 2 games at oracle and one game in phx all in 1 week even though I have 10 shirts already who doesn't love more? Well the first couple of days I would get so many points from the 300 point ads and now that I'm at 70 percent of my goal I only get 10 pt ads and sometimes not even any ads at all. Do they not want us to get free stuff and is this all just a scam or what?

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