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Really good app! Best quiz app iv used! 2 things I could really do with are; being able to add audio and being able to reduplicate questions! I'm trying to create quizzes for teaching language. Audio and repetition are imperative! Diolch! Pretty good

Questions don't always save, so I have to write the same question several times. I get a picture loading error fairly often, so again I need to rewrite those questions. It would be nice to be able to duplicate answers and/or questions. Well done!!

I am able to do my quizzes and create them but I am unable to edit them on mobile. It would be nice to also have more features that is on the computer. Go well

Good app I uploaded many quizzes about Professional Education. I suggest to make it available in offline and choose when to upload it. Go well

Great app. An excellent app for making quizzes, in particular those with multiple different question styles. Perfect for what I wanted and great modern, streamlined designed. Also received response to feedback quickly which was professional. Perfect!

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