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Bought some Win Like 96 for the wife and came in a week later.. Happy with the purchase, everything was as described. Worth a go!

Peace of Mind!!! Two issues certain factory defects seem accepted, and a loyalty plan or points program would be nice for us constant GOATers. Marvelous

I've used this app as a buyer and seller. Very user friendly and easy to navigate. SUGGESTION: options for trades (eg: list a price for BIN on a shoe you are selling but also will accept trades for xyz). GOAT could just charge a small middleman fee. Cool

I found a pair of pure money 7s at the Mall for $190 and I said hell no so I went to goat and I found them for $130 in my size just ordered them 2 days ago and I got them to day. I'm looking forward to using this app more often. Fantastic

The app only seems to sell expensive shoes for on cheap considering their original price Cool

Its amazing. As an idiot I did actually not find wmns shoe sizes once tho. Kinda hidden Works great

Great app so far, my first purchase is arriving tomorrow. New authentic kicks for under retail yes sir GOAT is the real mvp Brilliant

I was looking for a new pair of Nike sneakers that just came out oversees only. I found them on goat and they have them shipped to them to authenticate the sneakers and once they are authenticated, then they were shipped to me quickly. If you are looking for hard to find sneakers, you have to try goat. Brilliant

Peace of Mind!!! Two issues certain factory defects seem too off they're accepted though, and a loyalty plan or points program would be nice for us constant GOATers. Just wow

I would've gave it 5 stars but the reason for that is because, every shoe is overpriced like crazy! They realized they'd make more money for consignment priced shoes. When I first started to order, shoes were at retail price for instance, 90-200 dollars. Now shoes are at 250-1000 dollars. Very good app just too overpriced. Just wow

This is the best sneaker buying app in history!!!!! It has an amazing selection of sneakers and there are no fakes. If you buy a pair,it will first go to there team of wcperts and then they send it to you with a little varafacation card sifhnd buy the person who verified it. Marvelous

Great quality sneakers at reasonable price without being ripped off. Great time table on delivery. Immediate refund if you cancel an order. Works great

Great app! Easy to browse, let's you buy used shoes too, and doesn't charge you a lot when selling a shoe!! Except customer service is slow.. Worth a go!

Gave me real and great condition blue tint yeezys. Correct size also! Only took a week to get to my home. LOVED IT! Highly Recommend.

I love Goat I lets me choose my dream sneakers and buy them for fair price but for some reason the prices for the shoes wont show up i've deleted this app and downloaded it again but still wont work please fix this goat Not bad

Simply adorable. Great design. Easy search. Tons of sneakers. Best app out there! Hands down! Would love to have black base and white text too. The only problem are the shipping fees, even more expensive than stockX. Worth it!

I think this app is very safe because YouTube celebrities use this app to buy dope shoes!!!!!❤ Worth a go!

Bad order experience, goat offered full refund or 10 dollar credit, went for refund. Recently bought different sneakers and willing to give second try... but on thin ice for continued use Great!

Bought my first pair of my shoes through GOAT. The shipping was pretty fast and the shoes were legit...legit check my GOAT and me wow lol

Can anyone tell me if this app work for people staying in other countries or is it only US based??? Not bad

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