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Ok this game is one of the only good simulators out there that I like Marvelous

Angel Goat I was wondering if you could add the angel goat to the mobile version. That would be great. I love this game so much! Pretty good

Good game!! Plz add aNother goat. I want one to be a Canon goat . I want it like when u runover a person, u load the person into the canon on da goat. And when u press pow it shoots out the person. I want the second goat to be one punch goat. I want it to knock an object further and I want it to have a one hit kill to people. Thanks Pretty good

It's stupid, but that's why we love it. If you like hilarious physics, GOOD glitchy gameplay, and a bunch to do, you'll love Goat Simulator! Fantastic

I absolutely love this game but they should do a refund for lonerthan a day i think it should be a week for refunds cos i lost my refund Fabulous!

Ok the game is funny but when I needed the money it won't let me get a refund...WAS I JUST SCAMMED?! Pretty good

Yes I do love this game but I would like a refund because I changed my mind but it's past 84 hours and I can't refund but don't hate me I love your game please help Great job

Im kinda mad i spent money on this game and it will not let me in instead it just say connecting to google play never mind if i just go in app with google play it fix Must have

Funny, addictive, and amazing! I love all these Goat Simulator games by Coffee Stain Studios. These are amazing! Keep it up! EDIT: Will there be any new Goat Simulator games coming out? I would love to see what you guys come up with! Good

I like this game it's REALLY FUN! Marvelous

OMG this was a histaracle game once I was the cheerleader goat and threw a pom pom at a cheerleader and the cheerleader jumped in front of it then the pom pom hit the cheerleaders face and the. Cheerleader went flying backwards XD Works great

Its really nice, I loved the experiance, if you added a lil more goats because i think finding them was the best, maybe a money goat or rope goat that attatches somethi ng to something else. Love ThE game❤ Muito bom!

This hame is super fun, it's weird, SUPER random, and is a blast. The glitches make it even better, and is definetly worth the $5. Perfect

BEST GAME EVER. I LOVE IT.But there should be an animal where u can actually fly and add more and better animals Worth it!

I love it! I bought this when i was 9 going to Indonesia to see my mom's family. It would be better if tou could lower the price and make more FREE levels (1-2). Otherwise, Awesome!!! Cool


I love this game so much! When I first got it I cracked up. I love blowing stuff up, flying all over the place, and headbutting people! It's great! Cool

Can You Add new things like you did with the pc version i would love that sooooooooooooo much 100000 stars Perfect

K i love goat sim but i really want space dlc on ps4 and it took so long for that update i think u care about pc and xbox and phone goat sim more than ps4 please make more updates for ps4 Go well

This game is a fun game to play. It is a great time killer. It is easy to play. Non stop action. You can really do anything, in this game. The graphics are soo AMAZING. It is just so hilarious. I LOVE THIS GAME. Cool

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