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This is a great App to keep us updated on events as they happen around the world. 5 star

Really great app..but then, team names are really not spelled out clearly. Otherwise, lovely app Awesome

We are waiting for a new update make us watch football game live or at least conclusion of the matches and the goals Perfect

Good app but it would be perfect if we can change the sound of notifications from the app Surprisingly

Of all the football apps in the Play Store, there is none I'd rather pick than the Goal Live app. That does not mean that the developing team should rest on their laurels. A lot still needs to be done to improve the functionality of the app. Also, more info on players should be uploaded. Thank you. Brilliant

Very good app. I love it. Perhaps add a section of top scorers (individuals, highest/lowest team goals in a league, highest yellow/red cards,...) Works great

I don't get notifications on my selected games and should work on that Superb!

Sometimes gives false news for goals scored and later says Goals disallowed.. please work on this issue... Brilliant

Great app but need some improvisation as well as few features like customisation on sound on different notification like goal, card, offside, foul etc. Awesome

This is useful but how can get the favorite team transfer news my favorite is Kerala blasters but I can't get its news Amazing!

Now it takes way too much time to load live games. I had to restart the app several times to get it to work. Great!

Le hacia falta un cambio de imagen. Muy bien se ve ahora pero se ha vuelto un poco más lenta y hay algunos errores como que ya no sale la ficha del jugador en las alineaciones. Todavía le harán falta algunos ajustes Surprisingly

it's need some updates ,, the Egyptian premier league goal soccers during the match their name (unknown) ,, except this problem .. it's an amazing app Flawless

Great app, always works fine, the only criticism is that you get notified about champions league games even though you haven't chosen to follow them and can't turn them off like other teams or leagues Perfect

Keeps me updated when goals are scored by teams I'm interested in wherever I am. What more can I want? This app is fantastico Worth a go!

When watching a game on the TV phone notifies of a goal been scored before it happens on the TV. That's how fast it is. Just wow

This is the best live sports app so far, but should add boxing and the other sporting activities to it. Thanks Just wow

I love this app because I can select teams I want to get updates for. It is not intrusive and reminds me of our games even if I've forgotten. I am also up to date on the latest sports updates so that I add to my conversation peices with my more enthusiastic sports friends. Not bad

Given you five stars doesn't mean you are better of but to improve your app by adding some league soccer results thank you. for me you needs to improve your app for better Just wow

Doesn't have good info about Egyptian leaugue goal scorers gives unknown for the players Works perfectly

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