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There isn't even bands here. Just people with terrible voices singing ruining my songs. Sorry terrible.. I'll download again once you get better music and the actual bands on here love it

Um look this is really a great app but after an update it's had, I've come to get annoyed with it. You use use to be able to download songs from YouTube and listen to them after with no buffering and listen to them offline. This is exactly what I have been wanting for ages! At first yes it did that but now...where the hell is the download button? What gives? Could you guys please bring it back. This app was amazing until you got rid of that. Awesome

I was pretty excited to get the app, but then I choose a song to listen to and the song is muffled and odd. I'm not sure if it's my phone, but my audio quality seems to be just fine on other apps. Enjoy it!

It's a good app, downloading music off YouTube, but now it won't let me and I don't understand why. Also at times the music just stops playing. Please fix this Pretty good

Its a great app but it has its flaws when it has its problems. But my app will not have the album cover what makes me really sad. Works great

I love this so much!! Now I can listen to all my favorite song! No adds no purchases for songs it's just so amazing! Deffitly 5 stars! Fabulous!

Amazing player, good equaliser, clean ui. Only problem is that music stops when I lock the screen and then it's really difficult to listen to music with the screen on sleep Cool

I loved it, but to download songs, can they please take up smaller space? THANK U!!! Brilliant

This app is awesome! First, it has tons of free songs and barley any adds at all. It has different themes and you can adjust music. It even has song stations for your moods, fav artists, and even more! It's like Pandora, but WAY WAY better. You choose YOUR music when YOU want it. You can have over 500+ songs (I know from experience... I have around 740 Amazing!

This app is good, it give you all the music you want when you search it. I have this app on my old phone and it works really good, you can download all the music you want! But I got a new phone and it doesn't work like it does on my old phone, I can't download any music, but It still gives me great music to hear. (Can you fix the downloading system on YouTube..) Well done!!

This app is really good I enjoy it lots. Six stars! (Even if u can only do five) oh, um can u add parodies please? Like trade war by gellyjones? PLEASE?^_^ 5 star

I would give it a full 5 stars if it didn't keep popping ads all over my phone. Its one thing if I'm using the app but it's constant. Awesome

You promised me this music you got every single music I just can't believe I love it Great!

Love it!!!!!!!!!! Well a little because whem ever I try to look up certain music it searches crappy covers thats not what im looking for please Fix that! Fabulous!

This is awesome game it can find any music you want English Spanish and this game has made my life happy I get to listen to any song that I want so you guys should try it and it's really great hope you like this music and you can download any song Works perfectly

I LOVE IT!it's really cool but it sometimes doesn't let me download some songs yet on the other hand, I really like it! Fabulous!

Really awesome cuz I'm able to listen to music on the go and if I normally have to go back an forth with this I can just stay at one place for music so thank you so much for this Recommend

It's a good background app but is it possible to make songs repeat? I only have 3 songs I like and I don't know if they can repeat is there a setting I can change? Works great

Great app, use it all the time. Still can't figure out the download part but it still works amazing Not bad

After A While Won't Download Songs Happened With The Old Version Too Hope This Will Be Fixed Otherwise Great App, Very Easy To Use Must have

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