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Go launcher is the best of the best I use go launcher since my first touch phone Highly Recommend.

The sorting of the applications is not working automatically. After installing new apps, I must sort it again. Please fix this one. Or have an option for showing the newest apps first. Thanks. Worth a go!

Very nice you can make your device look like a stock device, or you can change it up and make it look like something unique. You can customize virtually everything from icons, to animations, to grid size, to speed, and much more and its fast. Marvelous

Love it The best launcher ive usee so far. Smooth animations, easy modification, quick transitions. Just love it. It does what it's supposed to do and does it qith ease. Works great

Asking to pay once again I already bought Go Launcher Prime some time back uninstalled. now when i try to install it asking once again to pay, please check & let me know y i want to pay once again Good

GO LAUNCHER Is good but not so good problem got it notification preferences not so good can't notify any Android phone application can't show any unread notification fix it this bug after better your recommendations launcher .Now I give you 4 star only next version update fix it this bug I think all over the country give you every time 5 star Great job

Sony Xperia Z2 Thanks developer for let all the features inside this app can get free from Getjar! Really love Go Launcher~ Keep it up! Just wow

Go launcher is not able to detect change in device orientation or may be failing to change orientation. I am using Oxygen OS on OPT. Can you please fix this? This is one thing that is stopping me to buy full version. Every time I have to use some other app to change screen orientation. Must have

DRAW PATTERN Hi, after updated Go Launcher Z the Draw pattern for quick access to application was removed, please advise to revert back this function. Thank you Perfect

Always a fan Always been a fan of this launcher. Keeps surprising me and I keep coming back all the time. Good work behind this. Totally recommended! Go well

Best launcher ever Hai friends u must download it becoze its the best launcher ever and its just Having below 2 mb.I have beeen using it on lenovo a369i and this launcher had changed ma phone so much. Thank for its developers Pretty good

Asus fantastic Sebelum ni dh byk kali gune go launcher tp takat utk homescreen je.. Smartphone yg dipkai ms tu xdpt nk support mcm skg ni hahah.. Now, i really satisfied using with my super ASUS bcoz....??? If want to know, just get ok..! Perfect

Very good but only notification for missed call, messages working but others like whats up, Facebook not functioning and the tick area is grey in colour and unable to tick the option in go notifier. Please resolve the issue at the earliest. Fabulous!

Prime still in trial after purchase. I bought the GO (remove ads) about 2 years back when it was only USD 3.99 on my S3 to remove the ads but when I changed to S6 my GO (remove ads) ended up being Prime free. I don't want to pay for it again. Worth a go!

Awesome but... Fantastic app but I can't get the app notification to work on the home screen! Example the email app to show number of unread emails. All my apps that would normally show this are showing nothing!! Go well

Please add Clean Master support. I am using Go launcher prime. This launcher always wants me to download DU speed booster (in go locker also). But me and many other people are like Clean Master Phone boost and we don't want to switch from it. So my suggestion is that please optimise the launcher for using Clean Master Phone boost as you optimised for using DU speed booster. This is the only one thing which made me confuse before purchasing the prime. So I am hoping you guys will take a look at that. Awesome

Looks great but... Have no idea what it is like! Downloaded the free version, downloaded the prime trial version to try out, but it hasn't given me an option to test out the prime features. Takes me straight to purchase screen. Very tempted to buy full version but doubt I will as it hasn't allowed me to try out the prime features. Not bad

Samsung Galaxy Y (HELLO KITTY) This is a good app.. but there is one problem i dont know how to do.. please tell me how do i get some point to open an transition or other ? with some card credit ? then how if i dont have it ? there is the same transition free ? i like this app.. but i can't use any transition that i like cause he want me to get some point first.. please.. help me to get some points.. wow lol

Fix please. Had 5 stars before. Down to 4. Reason: upgraded to Note 4 910C and it's showing a few bugs. Every now and then if you hit the back key to go to the home screen, it'll revert back to TouchWiz. Also, for some reason, the brightness setting is on max and the brightness adjustment bar is removed from the drop down menu for home screen and applications, but as soon as I open an app the brightness adjusts and the bar comes back. Please fix! Cool

I love this I dont understand how to make it run but i think it's working now. The only thing I saw is the search bar on homepage, it has links which i dont ask. Well, i love the features and it gives me benefits. Thanks! Must have

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