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Pretty good customization options. Really like the ability to put your own photos as a background Cool

It make my keyboard awesome and it has different sounds in typing.....I love this so much Not bad

It is really a good app but we need sindhi language so please add this language to this app.. Flawless

It pauses videos and music constantly!! Plus, if this is the "Lite" version, why is it drinking all my space? Kinda annoying. Go well

Its nice. I like and useful. But too many ads, please less ads then i give 5 star. 5 star

Cannot select the gallery photo for the keyboard background for my oppo r9s plus phone 5 star

It's the best keyboard app i have use since 2014 early and yet until today i'm still using 'GO keyboard'. You won't regret of download this keyboard app Fabulous!

The best keyboard out there. I love using the T9 layout. So Go Keyboard has been sensational for me. Just wow

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I love that you guys have some steam punk things and it just really made my bad so yay^^ Great job

Love this app. Definitely 1 of My Favorite Apps and it has a lot of different wallpapers, backgrounds and can change the font for your keyboard. Plus more stuff to use. Enjoy it!

It's good but all the awesome keyboard must to download.. And the emoji was to different than before.. Muito bom!

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So far so good I'll change this review to a 5/5 if it doesn't lag, freeze, or f up lol Superb!

Very useful, it really what I expected! Genius app. Alright.. Rock in roll to the world Enjoy it!

I love it and its nice thanks go keyboard maker you make us happy and sooooooo perfect thanks again 5 star

I can't disable auto spacing. It's annoying as I am used to press the space bar after every word and now I end up with 2 spaces after every full stop or coma. Five stars if you guys fix this Great job

Not a fan, but would say it have what you need for a keyboard. Designing the wallpaper of the keyboard from your Gallery is one, and the language feature is another. It is a simple app, suited with nice fonts and awesome emoticons. " ~>_<~ " is one of the many. Worth a go!

I think go keyboard is the best keyboard in the world Not bad

please add Indian ₹ symbol in English keyboard also it's highly required now. It's a best keyboard that has swyping enabled also it's multilingual, good auto correct options, customized keyboard layout, fonts, button size. What else you want? It's simply great, typing in no more headache. love it

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