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A nova atualização diz que podemos utilizar a bússola e o acelerómetro para utilizar o AR, mas não sei como utilizar... Surprisingly

Works as advertised. You could also use this app to apply PoGo's power saver methods in simple OS UI interactions. Just wow

Great app. does a great job turning screen off when phone in pocket can also put a finger of thumb over the proximity sensor when out for a run to keep screen off. However, I have recently reset my phone and reloaded this app and now POGO acts differently. the Audio Focus (POGO stopping music when loaded) was not a problem with Go Extender turning the screen black, however now it lets POGO audio focus again stopping my music whenit turns the screen back on after blacking it out (if you get what I am saying). I have been playing with setting a for a day now. to sort. very odd. BUT GREAT APP ANYWAY! Great job

Im giving a 10 star for this!! Another 5 star would be given plus i will buy both app if you can creat a fake gyro for the PoGo so people can use their camera while playing even if their phone dont have this sensors. This is a kick ass app! Good

Useful but limited I use this to prevent my phone idling to sleep but some of the 'power saving' features are already included in the pokemon go power save feature in the options menu. Superb!

Great app! Would love a few extra options... Have a few issues: gyroscope regularly is off, having me to figure out how to hold the phone to unblock the screen. And screen blackout also happens when Pokémon isn't the foreground app. Added feature would be nice as well: Black & white overlay to save battery on OLED screens / toggle screen using key combo, power+volup for example Worth it!

Great minus if I accidentally screen lock Love this app. Only issue I have is sometimes I accidentally lock the screen, and once I unlock it I find that the screen timeout (which I have set for fifteen seconds) starts happening again. I have to restart Pokemon go in order for the go extender to start taking precedence over the screen timeout. Awesome

Broke temporary for me Must have been my phone bugging out, just reset my phone and the app stopped flickering. Love the app. Works perfectly

What makes a phone compatible? I used to have a Sony M2 Aqua and it did everything right, now I changed to a better phone, but it is a Xiaomi and the sensor doesn't seem to function with this app. Surprisingly

Awesome app 5 stars It's an awesome app for people who has a weak battery and no gyroscope like my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime I've been looking for this everywhere. Enjoy it!

Need option to disable proximity sensor when phone is upright. Best app of its kind. But proximity sensor needs option to only kill screen backlight when device is upsidedown. Recommend

+Bought 10/5 You should know that the free version will entirely cover your needs. It is working without a single flaw! Works very well with Samsung Edge 7 + Samsung Clear View case. Now when I look at my phone there is always something, it saves screen power usage, and you no more waste walking sessions by missing km towards egg hatching. ALSO, @dferreira is a very kind developer who does not hide crucial options behind a buy button. For all that, I buy because I want to support developers like him/her. Flawless

Amazing This is everything that should be in the official game. I hope Niantic buys the software from you to incorporate it for everyone and you make a mint. Great!

What pogo should be Nice interface with plenty of simple options to save power and prevent undesirable screen presses. wow lol

Great app battery saver without gyro I've been looking for alternative ways to make battery saver work without horoscope. Perfect

ดีมากครับ ดีกว่า battery save ใน pokemon go ใช้คู่กันดีกว่า Not bad

Great app It really works! and battery saving is considerable so makes it a great app 1 star less for the inclination angle stuff Omg

An Absolute Must for Pokemon Go Using the proximity sensor to turn the screen off and on is brilliant, and saves a substantial amount of battery while the phone is face down, or in your pocket, or closed in a flip cover case. My suggestions are to have an option to delay turning off the screen in case you just accidentally swipe your hand over the proximity sensor, and to allow the screen to be fully turned off instead of simply dimmed when the device is oriented downwards - for those devices without a proximity sensor. Perfect!

Mr. FUKOVs review. Yukanol Fukov, your review is priceless. Must have

Superb! Best power saver+egg hatcher while conserving battery power. No complains from me. Muito bom!

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