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Brilliant game. I've played the whole game free by watching a few 30 second videos. Thank you Muito bom!

Wonderful game. Good brain training and a challenge for your eyesight on some levels. I haven't had any problems with levels. Sometimes you have to wait until you open your mill before getting two workers but its soon obvious. Fantastic

I enjoy this style of game, and this one is good. My only nit pick is that you can't cancel your queued actions. Awesome

This game is alright, but DO NOT INSTALL on a smart phone. The screen is not big enough to display the graphics without using the Hubble telescope to see. I am quite certain that the screen of a 7" or larger tablet will view much, much better. Enjoy playing it, but not on a display screen smaller than 6.5". Great!

Pretty cute game. You gather resources to make buildings, set fires and other goals. During this you have to fight off a green troll thing. Some levels are tricky where I've had to restart a few tines, others are super easy. But you can play completely FREE! Just watch a video every few levels. Can't complain about that!! I only wish you could after tapping for workers to do something, if you change your mind, you could and tap it again to undo it. If you like roads of rome, gardens inc, wall of China, or 12 labors of hercules you'll enjoy this. It's not as hard as some of the others I've listed, but it is completely free!! So for the cost it's so great!!! I've played 1 and 2. Completed both games at 3 stars on every level. At times it may seem like your short supplies or buildings to make the resources but most likely you need to plan your route, buildings etc to use supplies in the right order so you'll have enough. That's the point of the game! I've had no trouble at all finishing the levels, yeah it gets tricky on some levels. Just look at what you were needing and restart the level, trying not to use up that resource before you absolutely need to. At times it's meant not going one path, not upgrading my camp as soon as I would want, (for me it's ASAP). I read a comment that someone didn't know when game ended, yeah its level 49. The level starts off saying something about "celebrating with a grand feast", and in level 48 you should have gotten the "all" trophy, meaning you did it all. Both versions I played ended this way, a hard level where you prep for a feast, only one where you need three of the magical persons to light the stage, and you have to upgrade every building. My first try I didn't get 1 star as I got a bit lost, but I got 3 stars the next time. I've been playing allot if this game type. I guess that's why I'm getting pretty good at them. Usually if you google a games name and walk through you'll get loads of help. I've not tried for this one. I hope this helps someone! Happy gaming!! :-) Highly Recommend.

Fun, although it is extremely difficult to get 3 stars on most levels. First run through, I was lucky to get 1 star on most levels, lol! But second time through, I started understanding better how to plan ahead and be more efficient in setting the tasks. I like that players are given the option to watch ads instead of purchasing the game to continue. Thank you for that! I also like that you can "stack" tasks, mark new tasks to be done next without them needing to return to their hut first. wow lol

Cant complete level 10 because it doesn't give you enough stone. Shame really liked this game & im deleting this game . :( Amazing!

Screen hard to manipulate Would have given another star, but the touch screen on phone is hard to move around when making it larger for viewing items. This is extremely annoying and makes game hard to play. Great job

Would love it Love the game. However, I can not play it. All of the text is way super small and even with my glasses I am unable to read any of it. I was able to guess my way through the first section, which I happily did several times. Good game if you have great vision. Just wow

Tab 8 w/lollipop I'd give it 5 if you let us create a new player. I have to uninstall and reinstall when I want to start again! Must have

Nice! Actually super engaging and well done! The levels are challenging but you can beat them with 3 stars so it's attainable. I love that you get to play almost the whole game with very reasonable ad amounts. And the icing- only $1.87 to buy! Absolutely will purchase! Thank you! wow lol

This is a fun game to play I am stuck on level 12 where I have to get a saw mill but there is no saw mill. How do I proceed. Superb!

Great game Good time management style game that is actually free to play. Doesn't pester you continuously about making a purchase and the ads are very reasonable in frequency. Omg

Loved it I loved the, it's addicting, couldn't understand when the ends.... is it only 49 lvl ? Muito bom!

Awesome Great game, value for money too, keeps me occupied, love how fluently the game is developed, graphics and game play spot on :) 5 star

NOT free! Game was fine but WHY do you say this was a free game when you have to purchase it at level 10 if you want to proceed??????? Works perfectly

Enjoyed this Very easy levels and watching up to 30sec adverts I did not mind. Easy game play Cool

Gnomes garden free Its so nice to play but at the last part its always close and close I cannot play... Amazing!

Get to level seven can not go any where.try to the items you need game freezes. love it

A great game absolutely for free! I like this kind of game very much and this is gem! It's challenging but not frustratingly so, the story and the graphics are very nice. I very much like the beautiful witches :) And you can play the entire 49 lvls for free! Now and then you have to watch a short video about other games, but it's no bother at all. Thanks for a great game! Great!

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