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I don't know what everyone's moaning about, it's fine. Not. It does have glitches but hey doesn't every app have a glitches I only have one problem I have three emails on here and the only one that gets me hassle is Hotmail. where here I delete the messages and seconds later all of them are back and possibly doubled. So I'm not sure if it's Hotmail or this app but apart from that it's fine Gmail works absolutely fine on it. Works perfectly

Always have been a fan of gmail mobile, but it has been super buggy in managing contacts during compose, off late. Deleting or moving an address is a pain and auto complete refuses to work if list is long. Extremely irritating bugs in this day and age. 5 star

What's happened in the latest update? I've received an invite and when hitting yes rather than responding if the it now takes me to my calendar buy in a Google view and not the app and I have to also hit yes there?? Not user friendly on a phone! Good

Good, but after the latest update I can no longer delete emails from the bin. When I do, it tries to then fails for some reason. Please try to fix this, thanks. UPDATE: Having researched it turns out that it takes around an hour to delete, but sometimes it takes over 5!, and sometimes to delete an email I have to report it as spam, which is really annoying! Please fix this. Omg

Over the last week, the app crashes when writing drafts (causing loss of the draft), freezes when scrolling, and is just generally unstable. Reset app completely and no change. Happening on both my pixel xl 2 and wife's galaxy S7 edge. Based on the comments, obviously a recent update is screwing the app for a lot of people. Please fix! Enjoy it!

Plenty of storage with adjustable settings to multiple options. Easily syncs with additional gmails you use. Unfortunately at times all files in several (or all) boxes/folders appear to vanish! There may be a solution to this problem (however I'm unaware of any solution to fix it). To backup and restore regularly is a good recommendation. Overall a fairly good app Surprisingly

Good, but after the latest update I can no longer delete emails from the bin. When I do, it tries to then fails for some reason. Please try to fix this, thanks. UPDATE: Having researched it turns out that it takes around an hour to delete. Please fix this. Works great

After the latest downloads of the updated version, the app doesn't not show any emails, I have to open the app to view the emails, only then the emails appear after i select the same.... kindly look into it, I am using One plus 3 mobile phone... kindly look in to it immediately. Good

There is a problem if you select a file from gallery and try to mail it, you now can not select the e-mail account you want to send the mail from. It was not a problem earlier. I hope gmail will fix it soon. Recommend

Why does my deleted messages keep restoring themselves. I just spent 5mins deleting the same messages over and over again. You wanna talk about annoying? Ommfg!!! Must have

Hi.. I am just facung this weird problem while sharing any attachment. Earlier whenever I use to share anything let say any pic directly from my Gallery, I was able to chose from which Account I want to send it but now I am not. And this is forcing me to compose a new email in gmail and then attach file, now only problem in this that I have to find the attachment in my phone which is a great task in itself. Omg

Ever since the last update- in regards to adding appointments from my Google email to my Google calendar- I can no longer edit particulars (i.e change a name when I get appointment confirmation emails) in one fell swoop. Wouldn't be an issue for one or two appointments but is terrible for 80 appointments, please help/fix Well done!!

It's been great and I've been using gmail since forever, but recently the recipient email suggestions don't appear and I can't possibly afford to remember all my contacts' email addresses. I wonder if there's something wrong? I tried uninstalling and updating the app but it's all in vain. So if you have any suggestion or you can fix it somehow, please tell me. Thank you. Good

What I hate about google email is that it doesnt have a delete all feature. You have to hold each email evening after limiting them to singularly rid yourself of cluster. The fix that and ill givethem 5 stars. Highly Recommend.

For some reason, the app continuously replaces emails that I've deleted. Each time I attempt to do so, they disappear, but upon closing and reopening the app, reappear as if nothing happened. I'm guessing local inbox data synchronization with the cloud isn't receiving updates from the delete/archive buttons. Well done!!

Very great resource, use it all the time. Though, at the moment its slow and laggy. I can't type a message without it closing out of the app. It never does this to me. I hope this issue gets fixed soon. Brilliant

The notifications are extremely delayed on my Note 8 and I always have a strong internet signal. Uploading and sending pictures is a nightmare. The pictures won't up show or send after sending an email sometimes. I finally got one to send and it had the completely wrong thumbnail for it, which made me send it again thinking I was sending a different picture... Really annoying. Worth it!

This new update which gives me notifications for "all mail" AND primary mail is extremely bothersome. Double notifications and notifications for my social and promotions inboxes are starting to make this app annoying rather than useful. Either give us an option to turn those on or off, or revert back to notifications for primary mail only! Come on guys. Not bad

This app was perfect until you removed the feature that allowed me to select the sender when I wanted to send anything, i have 3 accounts on my Gmail but when I want to share something from the gallery it won't let me choose the email I want to use as it did before and it uses the one it likes. please fix this issue. Brilliant

Overall I like this app. But there's a recent change that I'm very unhappy with. I used to be able to write an email and look at my emails at the same time. Now, if I need to refer back to my emails while writing a message, I have to close the message in order to look at my emails then locate in one of my draft folders the email I had started to write. This is very inconvenient and annoying. Put it back to the way it was and I'll give back the stars. Pretty good

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