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So far i like it my daughter sent it to me so i could track her while she is on a long trip... Pretty good

As others have reported, the app often stops reporting my location. I can see it has stopped by looking at the map on my own phone. This seems to coincide with temporary loss of GPS as for example entering a tunnel or (just now) I put the phone in my pocket while getting off a bus. Moments later the GPS must have come back, but Glympse shows me stuck someplace. It looks like I was in an auto accident or something. Since many comments report similar, it seems to be a significant problem. When it works, this app is the best! But often it doesn't. Perfect!

Love this app. Makes it so easy to share locations with family. I feel safer when traveling. Highly recommend this app to any and all, especially parents. This would be a great way to keep an "eye" on you teens as the drive. Amazing!

Unfortunately the app frequently crashes on my galaxy S5. Apart from that it's a nice and easy to use app. I like that the recipients do not need to install the app. Worth a go!

This is amazing app. Just one of its kind. Really helps if your loved ones want you to keep a track of their driving specially if they are new drivers. The only flaw I could find was that the app sometimes stops updating, which at that time is quite annoying. Not bad

Back to 5 stars! App is working well again after a buggy period where it would randomly stop updating. Haven't had that problem in a long time. Fabulous!

A great way for my wife to feel more comfortable as I'm biking and running on trails. I like that the app now can stop sending when I reach my destination to save on heavy GPS use. Worth it!

We travel to family often, and this app helps us all stay in touch without having to call/text constantly while on the road. So convenient!! Surprisingly

Excellent for keeping your family members and loved ones safe if you need to know where they are. Highly Recommend.

It randomly decides to not update location. Its current streak is going on 6 hours without updating the sender's location. Not helpful when I am trying to help them route around things. Worth a go!

It doesn't always send my location when I have clicked it to share. It malfunctions and says my boyfriend six different times and sometimes I'm sharing other times I'm not. Good

I have been looking for a app like this for years and now I have found it.. thank God. it works well and is a great way to coordinate when out motorbike riding or just meeting up with pwople. no longer do you have to try and let them know when you will be there... just send them a link and your done. Not bad

I really liked the app so that all my family can see each other and I've even used it to track co-workers when they have to leave our building. My only gripe that keeps me from rating a full 5 stars is that most every time you exit the app and come back to it later it takes a good 5 min to update the location info of anyone that your watching. Also when you're watching a lot of people at a time it's a pain to keep swiping to get to where you need to. A side view window that could be dragged out showing everyone your watching so you can select them quickly Awesome

Great app! I share this with my wife and always know where each other is. The app's gps is very accurate. We would highly recommend this app. Worth it!

Pretty handy but there seems no way to delete a group or a particular member of a group 5 star

This app is pretty nice. The are a few bugs, like it randomly will show you raced 2 miles away... And it only shows the last 5 minutes of history so there is no way to track where you, or someone else were. I have not noticed a hufe difference in my battery usage which is nice. But, overall okay. Great!

Glympse has been a great app for letting people know where I am, and the progress I am making on my trips. I've had a few problems with it from time to time, but the support has been wonderful. Every time I send a problem to the support team, I get a quick response, and they continually stick with it until a solution is discovered. I am very happy with the way they respond and find the fix. I am a techy and know my way around Android fairly well, but Glympse support pleasantly surprises me with solutions to some pretty crazy problems. Works great

We have a Hot Air Ballooning company and the crew uses it to track the balloon. The app also help you see possible roads you can use to get to the Balloon. Surprisingly

I've been using Glympse since 2014 and it's just a truck solid 5 star program. Thank you Brilliant

Great app, though the Android wear app tends to get stuck when viewing a glympse and won't close the notification until the watch is reset. Pretty good

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