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Nice update! Reduced to 3 stars. Appears to provide more functionality while at the same time reducing or removing some original functions. Bring back the single 1x1 shortcut widget. And provide the ability to "exit app" on home screen, instead of scrolling down in settings. Put it on the drop down status menu.

Love this app! Every time I get lost i just glimpse my boyfriend and he finds me the way, works amazingly when google maps fails you !

not in love anymore - galaxy s3! I used to love this app, not anymore. The constant "Location Disabled" in the middle of the screen is very bad. I don't need GPS to follow someone's glympse. If I'm at home using wifi, I will not have GPS enable to save battery. PLEASE REMOVE IMMEDIATELY! To view a glympse and to see how fast a person is going, you loose a ton of map space. Bad design. The toggle traffic and satellite on map are in the way as well. PLEASE FIX!

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