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Not as reliable as it used to be. Really useful, accurate, but sometimes even when other apps can access the net, sending a glympse fails. Really annoying

Excellent app! Have never had a problem with this, and the traffic feature works great! Definitely better than Waze.

Great app! I really like how you can send multiple Glympses. I can send one to my wife that I'm coming home, and one to my son letting him know I'm coming to pick him up on my way home. Awesome.

Glympse! A really handy app. It gets more interesting as you learn about it and realize all the neat things it can do. I am enjoying using it, and have had no problems with the app at all.

Great Not used it a lot yet but has a lot of potential and if as good as it looks everyone should have one on their phone would help keep them a lot safer when out and about

Used to be better New UI is cluttered. Functionality is still there. Keep map centered on me. My phone can last more than four hours - why can't you?

New features needed for 5 stars and reviews Incorporate chat heads to communicate in browser for none app users i would love that. Lastly vibrate or alert tone for user that recieved glympse once user has arrived or if traffic is delaying user.. "Just a few ideas" Auto send glympse to certain users through time, date ,gps, wifi out of range "meaning I left house" and etc.....

Best tracking app I can track my family easily. I know where they are at while they are traveling.

Very good app This is a brilliant idea for an app! I use it often to show my wife when I'm going to get home. My only criticism is that the viewer's ETA doesn't account for being on a bicycle!

Ingenious Creation This app not only is fun to use, it is downright useful. Friends and family receiving a Glympse for the first time are impressed. And you can attach a brief message you choose from a list saying that you are running late, or meet me here, etc. Very cool, but I wish I could Glimpse longer than 4 hours so others can track me on long trips.

Almost perfect! Would love to see confirmation of selections when setting up a Glympse. As it stands now, when creating a Glympse, you select the recipient(s) then hit the back button, select your destination then hit the back button... It would be nice, when selecting each option, to be given a confirmation of selection (like "ok") instead of hitting the back button, which makes it feel like you're undoing the selection you just made. Took me a while to wrap my head around selecting a dropped pin as my destination.

Impressive Glympse is incredibly useful anytime you need to let anyone know where you are. Always gets a great response. Now works even better on my galaxy s4.

Cluttered interface, lacking features Still does what it's supposed to but starts with the top dropdown drawer in the way when I don't ever need it. And map zoom buttons are no longer present. Try driving and holding the phone AND pinch-zooming at the same time and see if you like it.

#keeping-in-touch Extremely Useful! This is an amazing app. Really polished. I use it a lot more than I thought I would.

When your wife wants to know! Samsung Galaxy S3. I commute by bike through W. Los Angeles. My wife is always nervous because of all the traffic hazards. Someone suggested this app. Now I can send her a text from Glympse, and she can track where I am. I'm sure there are plenty of other reasons to have it, but peace of mind will do just fine.. Recommend to take Glympse APK.

#finding-friends Best app of its kind.! I love it, I no longer have to text the wife when I leave work and make a stop at the bar before going home. I just send a glimps. She know y I'm late

Great app the best I found! A little heavy on the battery but very cool. Feel free to put a 24 hour tracker on it my wife and I use it all the time we have nothing to hide . Thank you for adding something real cool to our everyday life. 5 stars because we use everyday. Recommend to take Glympse APK.

Awesome app! This app is well thought out and simple to use. I recommend it to all my friends. No more 'I am on my way' when they are still sitting on their lounge in their pyjamas.. Recommend to download Glympse APK.

#staying-motivated Creative simple solution to inform your location! This app is genius. Simple and attractive interface to share your location with people. Great privacy options too.

#keeping-in-touch Great app! I love this app! We used it recently for traveling during the holidays to let my mother in law know where we were in our 10 hour drive. She was amazed that she could see our progress the whole way.I also use it to let my wife know where I am when I am out and about in case she needs me to go somewhere I am near.

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