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I personally love this app.i use it on long road trips to alert my family where I am at. Having diabetes it's nice to let them know I am ok Great!

Our son used this so we could watch him make a trip across the country, and it was very cool. Now we use it all the time when heading home from work, or to let someone know how far out we are from an appointment Highly recommend! Brilliant

Meet your friend by sending your location an watch them travel to you so no need to keep asking you almost here yet or WHERE you At cause you can see them on glimpse just like a tracker Lmao Great job

It doesn't always work. If you create a group the group should stay in your phon and always share with that group. I don't like that I have to share. It's just an extra step that isn't necessary. Oh and if I set my settings to satellite view I shouldn't have to do it every time I use the app. Otherwise it's a ok app. If you fix it is be more than happy to give your app 4 or 5 stars Brilliant

Excellent. but can you add more information like how long (total KM) and how much times that passed. thank you Works great

Great for finding people or them knowing where you are and even how fast your driving unless you turn that off. Default is 15 minutes but just slide the curve to the right for up to 12 hours. Options to configure if wanted in settings. Easy to send link by text to people they just click on without them having to install this app. Has a battery saver mode in settings you may want to use for long trips. Used this and even average comp literate friends are able to click texted link and use so 5 stars. They like it. Could it be better? Maybe a better you tube video of how to use would help but product itself is pretty good. Go well

This is the best GPS tracking app I have found in a while. The only thing I would change is to have an "on all the time" setting so I could monitor the location of my middle - schooler without him having to send me a manual Glympse. Awesome

My husband he sells ice cream so any job with cash money you try to keep up with your loved one and it lets me see where ever he is and I love this app I wish that it would be longer than 3 hours but I love it Highly Recommend.

I love this app for so many reasons. Being able to let people know where I am when traveling in sketchy weather or just in general in case something happens. Another reason is I had to get a locksmith to unlock my car but there was no address where I was so I just sent him a glympse and he found me with no problems. One problem I have now that I didn't have before is that my speed doesn't register anymore. It just says 0.0. Works perfectly

Helpful for friends who are perpetually late LOL there's! Tons of reasons why u might need to stalk someone Not bad

I use it almost every single time when somebody is waiting for me. Going home at night, meeting anyone I know enough to text, driving to see the family, etc. It's really simple to use, and helps keep off your phone while driving as the person waiting for you won't ask where you are every 5 minutes! I really enjoy it, and it makes me more confident when I'm driving far away and on my own. I really recommend that app Brilliant

This app is all around great. Perfect for sharing your location with friends and family. I use it almost everyday to share where I am on my long commute with my wife. It's simple, easy, and accurate. Works perfectly

It was use full in the sense I could see where they were going and how fast. But would like a little bit more detail stating things like different stops they made along the way and pinpointing them out. Not bad

As a mobile massage therapist I LOVE this app! I feel safer knowing that my family can see my location when I'm on an outcall, and I can "check in" and "check out" with a single click on my phone's hone screen. It's a great safety tool! Pretty good

We use this app at least once a week when meeting with friends and family. It's nice to be able to see where everyone is since we don't all arrive at our destination at the same time. Good

Unfortunately the create desktop link for favorites feature is broken. Android 8.0, Nexus 5X. I tried it with Google Now and Aviate launchers also Marvelous

I've been using this app for a few years. Handy for the other half/and me to see how our journey home is going. Also I can let the guys at work know if I'm going to be late. Muito bom!

Really useful for tracking family (if they want to be tracked), and showing anyone with a PC or mobile (who don't necessarily have Glympse loaded) where you are (or were, because there is about a 10 seconds delay between actual and apparent location ) when driving. Seems to updates location every 1 second and only consumes about 2Mbytes of mobile data per hour! There seem to be two or three Glympse apps to choose from. The Glympse "something" (maybe Express) seems a bit quicker to set up than this one. Your mobile will obviously need GPS capability too Marvelous

Great app BUT why don't you implement the ability to cast the glympse you receive to your Chromecast. It's stupid that I I'll need to either keep my computer or cellphone on. I want to able to cast it so I can do other stuff while I'm on my phone for example. Enjoy it!

Love using it, and it even worked when we were separated in Disneyland. Was perfect between Android devices, not so much between Android and Apple. Omg

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