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It's so fun and helps me feel safe to be able to share my location with friends and family! Marvelous

I transport for work. So I go all-over the country coast to coast. This helps with advising my arrival time. And being alone on the road it is a GREAT safety comfort that my husband, boss and customers can know where I am at anytime. In case anything happens while I am out there. Love the app. Very accurate, up to the minute. Use it every trip. And I have never had a problem with it. Even with some of the out of the way, obscure places that go too. Thank you I appreciate the app Just wow

I love this app! It's super useful and seems to be very accurate. I would love to see a feature that allows users to estimate the arrival time of a person they are tracking at the user's current location. Bonus points if the app highlights the recommended route that it's using to estimate the ETA. Highly Recommend.

Awesome way to let my son know when I'll be there to pick him up, I also use on my night runs so he can see where I'm at, where to send the police to look for me if I don't return (haha) seriously love this! Enjoy it!

All is great with one thing keeping it from 5 stars. When I'm sharing my location with someone, with a destination planned, when I arrive there, the app plays a doorbell sound. Well, that's kinda useless, as I know I'VE arrived. The doorbell should play on the phone of who I'm sharing my location with, so THEY know I've arrived, right? Omg

I held off giving a review too quickly as I wanted to see it's performance over a few weeks at least. This app has quickly become useful in my every day life. If it's location sharing you were for without flaws, youve found it! Superb!

This app is as solid as they come. It does exactly what it is intended to do. It is intuitive and simple. It has the features it needs and no "fluff". If you want to let someone know the progress of a trip, when you'll be home, when you will arrive at a specific destination, monitor children's whereabouts, etc. this is the Holy Grail. Fantastic

This app is a great I would give it 5 Star Just wow

I used this app when I drove home to visit from San Francisco to Omaha. Mostly so it wouldn't be hard to find my body when we crashed over a cliff. Thankfully it never came to that. But I was able to keep a live feed almost the whole time. Great app 5 star

It's really simple to use. I don't have to ever worry people calling or texting me finding out where I am. It's stressful, and this app helps relieved some of that stress. Go well

Great app for my bicycling. Should something happen to me, my wife will be able to locate me. It has been improved since my earlier review... It allows tracking up to 12 hours rather than 4. Recommend

Thank you for this super wonderful, and useful app! Hubby and I love it very much. Works great

I use this almost daily. 4 stars (4.5 if it'd let me) only because it is a little buggy. Especially for the recipient, but I love it and use it daily Awesome

Great quick and easy location sharing. No fuss just does one thing well. Configuring and sending to a favourite person is a little awkward, otherwise a useful free app. Muito bom!

No adds, clean simple interface. Works as advertised & uses less data than I expected. Only tracks by the invitation of the person being tracked. My wife and I use it frequently. Amazing!

It's frustrating when the app freezes. Closing and reopening doesn't even work. Otherwise very useful Works perfectly

Gives you peace of mind, when loved ones are traveling. I also deliver pizza and every night I work I send a glympse to my husband so he knows where I am at if, anything would happen. Marvelous

It's a great app to show real-time location to friends and family.. uses Google maps in the use while driving to give family members your exact location and speed of travel. Thanks team great work! Go well

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. At times it messes up by keeping fixed in an old, now useless, location. Why it does it? Beats me. 5 star

I'm using this app for our Rotary Club Christmas float, it enables us to post a link on our Facebook page as we leave home for parents to track Santa on real time saving children hanging around in cold damp weather. Two or more drivers to can have the same profile and icon for consistent presentation. Loving it. Worth it!

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