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It works, my parole officers can track me and they can even tell how fast I'm moving not just where I'm heading. Amazing!

I love this app. It integrates seamlessly with the message+ so I can quickly and easily notify other people of my location and they can reply with theirs even if they don't have the app downloaded. Solved plenty of headaches! Great!

Great way to let people know your location for a specified period of time Works with Ford Sync3. Good

My lord is a OTR driver and this help to keep eta and whereabouts of his locations. Muito bom!

Can't sort favourites so when you add one, it goes on top instead of last. Would be great to sort your favourites (recipients). When I try to drag it as it seems possible, Glympse crashes. Otherwise, it seems to be a really great app. Worth a go!

I've used this app for years and love it. Perfect if I'm picking somebidy up so they know where I am... I feel like an Uber driver Not bad

I enjoy using this app. It was effective to help my mother and I find each other at the train station when I visited her last. The only thing that holds this app back is that it doesn't link to Facebook or other social media to search for and message friends. Pretty good

This app is great when I'm traveling so my husband can follow me on my way to pick up my dad every few weeks in California. Love it Highly Recommend.

I use to love this app but since last week I cannot change the order of my pick up anymore because when I try it closes the app Superb!

I love this app so much! I use it all the time! It's so much easier than asking someone where they are every 10 minutes or having to answer a bunch of texts about when you're going to be somewhere. Go well

Reliable app. Like to use it for family tracking. Would like it to automatically share group member locations when GPS is on. You have to request location instead. Muito bom!

Fantastic utility app. My friends and I use it to coordinate our activities and it works exactly as needed. Worth a go!

Great app! I love how this allows your friends and family to see where you are during long drives. It takes a while to share your location link with multiple people though. It would be nice if it was possible to select multiple contacts and send out the exact same link to all of them at once. Also, please stop asking me to rate the app... I already have twice now! Over all, this is a must have app! Flawless

Makes easy for carpooling to work. I know when and where the wife and kids are.. It's great app to download. Worth it!

I love it, although sometimes it takes up to five minutes to get updated view of shared glympse but it works well. Not bad

I like it a lot. It's easy to use and don't have to go thru extra steps to share. Superb!

Awesome. Use a lot to keep track of buddies when we are out in the desert. You know right where everyone is. Fabulous!

This app is FANTASTIC when making a long trek to visit family for them to see how you're doing. I enjoy the peace of mind it gives my wife when I go riding. Perfect

Allows me select when I'm going to be showing my location to various people. Great for traveling. Great for when my wife is on her way home and I can time dinner correctly. I use this all the time when I exercise. Flawless

I love how my family is able to be viewed with just one tap. This app works great. Keep up the great work. Well done!!

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