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I use this app when I'm on my way somewhere it's very accurate in showing my location. It's also just a fun app when I'm walking to the store or running my errands to show Family where I am, the only thing that would make 6his app perfect is if there was a way to always share access of my location. Google maps I'm able to open it and check where a family member is with out having to send a request. Pretty good

location can be inaccurate sometimes. The location marker jumps around the map when moving, instead following a route fluidly. Fantastic

I would like to select all my contacts at once to have already set to a text message instead of adding an extra step for this.... Fabulous!

Great app. Add choice for open-end (or not limited time) let I can share my position how long time I want. Thank you. Go well

It is not as easy to see your Glympse friends converging as it should be. It should really have a usability pass. Hey Glympse call me ;-). Seriously, you need a friend who knows UI. Just wow

Glad to see you added hours so we didn't have to keep adding after four, but it's still short for our trips to Oregon. It'd be nice if we didn't have to add at all, open-ended. Is there a way to do that? I'd give five stars then. It's great otherwise. My mother-in-love gets mad if we don't send one to her, even when we're only traveling three hours to see her. Just wow

Superb utility app. Lets u share your realtime location. Best feature is that it shows your speed of travel. Enjoy it!

I wish they add more hours than 12 hours or make it always. Also I wish I can follow wow lol

Location updates are intermittent, sometimes it updates every few seconds, sometimes it doesn't update at all. The whole route has good cell coverage. Cool

I use this a few times per week when my husband and I are trying to pick each other up from functions and work. It's awesome and saves a lot of time standing around waiting for someone. Go well

So far since i have had the app it has been okay but i think it will be with me for a good minute. Pretty good

I uesd it it because my spouse had an amazing it put a lot of things that need to be in the open on my defense and his not so good so the app is worth more than what it mentions lol let's just say I I got the upper hand and that made me feel like a brand new person and I didn't blame myself anymore love this app Superb!

Great way to keep someone informed of your progress. Very useful in my business of tuning pianos. Customers will usually let me know if I missed a turn LOL Worth a go!

Really useful for me and my husband as we both drive quite a lot. It gives us the extra reassurance. Great job

Great for sharing progress and arrival time. Better thsn features built into navigation apps directly. Perfect!

Confirms you are where you say you are...and the non believer's back off!!!lmao cool and usefull app... Well done!!

Great app if you're looking for something similar to MotionX. Would rate 5 stars if it supported KML files or GPS coordinates. Other than that, I love it. Works great

This helps allot because I have to take a cab an hour away from my house, especially with all these horror story's about cab/Lyft/Uber ect., drivers/passengers raping and killing. So it puts us at ease a bit. And it's shows where your exact location. This is also perfect if you have kids who have their own phone and you want to keep track of where they are are going. Perfect

I use this app when I'm out on my bike. Great for letting my wife know I'm OK!!! Recommend

Works fine for small family groups. In larger work, social, or gaming settings, however, it can be creepy because of how difficult it is to suppress visibility of last-known locations. Most users don't even realize that the app shows their last-known location when the sharing finishes. Great job

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