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Nice app. The ability to send a stationary alert (after 5 minutes, for example) would be great. In case something happens to me during a bike ride. Pretty good

I would give it 5 stars if there were any easier way to pull up the different locations that people have shared with me. For example, if 2 people share their location the only way I can go between the two is to go back to the notification text that I was sent. Highly Recommend.

Love this app. I use it everyday, I send a Glypse to my son's phone after school and he knows where I'm at so he can be outside waiting for me when I get there. I use it for many other reasons and it works great. I've told people about this app so they can download it Worth a go!

I ride a moto bike and my girlfriend is a bit concerned for my saftey so this app makes it really easy for her to track me and give her piece of mind. Brilliant

Fun app. Simple to use and easy to share approximate location. Good for giving family and friend and idea of where I've been and when I will get there. Omg

I use this to share my location with someone when I'm out on a long bike ride or a run. It's great for letting people you're meeting know how close you are and for letting family know your progress on a long trip. I only wish you could set it for longer than a couple hours for longer drives. It's not hard to extend the tracking time though. Muito bom!

I love this app I can track my son as he walks to school and I feel at ease. It would be nice to be able to set a time to show me his location. Cool

This app is awesome! I have gotten my friends to use it and now I can so easily see where they are! Also, I have always hated not knowing when someone is going to show up - now a thing of the past! Brilliant

Great free app! My wife and I use it frequently to let the other know where we are for things like road trips (when we aren't traveling together, if course). We also use it when one or both of us are bicycling. You can set up shortcuts for your frequent contacts, making it easy and convenient to use for things like your drive home from work. Would like to be able to use Google Assistant to send my location to my favorites by voice command. Aside from that, this is a great little app and support had been great on the very few occasions we have needed it. Awesome

I wish it would let my wife check in on me at any time vs me having to constantly keep her updated !!! Perfect!

What an ingenious and fully functional app! And the 15 min to 12 hour share time is perfect! No glitches... Flawless. Enjoy it!

Very dangerous ap will driving. If you need to view Google maps for instance and leave glimpse, the zoom in on my husband and I disappears, so I am forced to manipulate the screen. If I can't see where he is in relation to me, what's the good? Good

Very helpful to know where people are on their journey, use it loads on long and short journeys, also if need to get to someone who has broken down, helpful. Great late at night for safety to let family or friends know your journey too. Enjoy it!

Would have rated this as a five, but the UI needs to be more intuitive. Some features take a while to figure out. Other than that, it's a very useful app. Works perfectly

Does this app really just use mobile # as the "account"? I would rather have its own account system for easier sharing.. 5 star

Just uploaded this app. It is intuitive. Shows live traffic. Will follow up after use. Who knows, maybe 5 star.... Great job

This is a great app that I like more as I use it more! I do wish, though, that when sharing with friends it have a "done" option instead of having to go back. It seems somewhat offputting because in other apps it may not save those choices. Highly Recommend.

I love this app ..... I have to travel around alot and some roads aren't the safest so knowing my husband can check on me to make sure I'm ok makes my heart happy! I'm trying to show our firefighters how to use the app so they know where each person is or truck is when fighting grass fires! Well done!!

It's great to keep track but there should be a tutorial when you first download so you can learn the system instead of figuring it out ourselves Good

Almost perfect - my wife and I use it frequently to track our separate journeys home. The only downside is that it appears to keep running when the journey has finished, eating up resources. I haven't found any way to exit cleanly and stop, so I have to force close the app in settings. Works perfectly

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