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I see a lot of people complaining about the new version. Yes, I mastered the insane level on the old version and was struggling with the new version when it first came out. Just give it some time/practice and change your strategies around. You'll end up mastering the insane level on the new version too, just like I did. Superb!

Game is best but plz add online multiplayer mode and also other multiplayer modes Marvelous

This game is really good. I loved it, and it's so awesome. Best hockey game ever :-) Muito bom!

Like it although it gets a bit boring after a while. But you could make it so it had levels so it makes more exciting. Cool

Its quite good. I like the new air hockey theme. The ads are... not too bad I guess. Omg

Its cool because if u don't have no one to play with you Colman play by yourself or when you do have some one to play with you can play with them Great!

it is a very hard game love it

First version was my favourite thing to play but the update looks like a different game entirely. The ball got too small and the physics became stupid and random wow lol

Used to be my favorite game. The latest update completely changed the character of the game. The ball is faster, bouncier, and everything is smaller, and it all adds to just randomness. The AI got worse at the same time, so it's not really harder... just more random. I now find that this game stresses me out instead of helping me relax, so I have to give it up. Works perfectly

Hey I think that for the ios version on iPhone X you should make the notch at the top of the phone the goal. That would be cool. Anyways great game pretty entertaining Fantastic

I think that this game is the best hokey game because it's not just hokey it's glow hokey Fantastic

Very awesome game . But should have a multiplayer system via bluetooth or wifi Then I will give it 5 star Enjoy it!

Its awsome cuz when ur bored you can play it with ur sister or brother so u dont need to buy a real air hocky game. Worth it!

First Happy New Year Awesome

This game nice. 5 year love game Worth a go!

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Better if you introduce online mode like in 8 ball pool.And disable multiple touches so that if anyone else touch the screen the paddles don't go in his control.THANKS,REST GAME IS GOOOD. Worth a go!

The new update is very nice.but the puck is very small when compared to the old one. The last puck was very good. Omg

Fun to Play I think this game is fun because I like to challenge my little brother to play and I always win.Also I could beat my big brother too (sometimes).That is why I think this game is fun to play Great!

Its a very good game to play its just when the crismas mode s where it waa not fun Good

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