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When this is invented you stard being rude. When this is invented i say good things. Respect the creator because they did so many details in this game. I gave 5 stars at least. Great!

the persons that are in the game say mean things and they ask us about are family like they are stalkers wow lol

this historied world is fun explore 2,011.1 tons of beauty my MojangAB Fans liked to say gsp,About all the holy castle top to bottom play with Marnie,Isabella,David and jessica and adam Good

Everyone said this is boring but us fun for me and those reply read it after u play the game cuase their is some said that do not upload this game but first u need to play it and u realy realy like it have 5 stars everything cuase it will hurt the felling you now love it

I have this game before and it was awesome cuz it unlocked all the blocks but I had to delete it because of my phone went missing his game is so awesome I love it and it's not boring wow lol

Its ok I like the game but I mean you guys can get the game but it makes your phone laggy Amazing!

I love it so much and it's like Minecraft actually except it doesn't cost any money and it's for girls I mean yeah so you guys should get it it's not stupid it's not dumb don't listen to the other comments well read the other comments bye Thanks Awesome

It asks you to much if you would like to rate the game so I am just rating it now Surprisingly

The game overall is good and its time consuming, but the controls are a little weird and there's too many ads. Id enjoy the game more if you fixed those problems and made it easier to place blocks. Perfect

Ridgewood/ tfvgsw ev vh nock or Custer yr torturous visit Coto hippy fit itsy foetus cue dirty trust ly jig Amazing!

The ad watching to get items is over the top. I had to binge watch commercials to get the "Final Items" and i still need the players! Besides that, Its an awesome game!!! Highly Recommend.

What I think about it is that it's makes it feel really real and being able to talk and boyfriends and all that that's pretty cool and also can i meet the authors of this game Fabulous!

He was the one I have to say that you are not alone in your life and I don't think it will be good for boys to play this game Cool

I can barely control my character. Also when i went on "the train" i was glitched out of the area and i couldnt find the castle. Also you shouldnt have to "earn" blocks. I have uninstalled this app and i am waiting for other upadtes to improve the controls and the train. Thank you! Not bad

It's a great game☺ but it has a very bad response Well done!!

Way toooooooooooooo much ads. LIKE if u want to construct something than first one ad pops out like BAM. But I really dont want to delete this game cause its sooo cool but plzzzźzzzz do something about the ads Enjoy it!

Is nice that they always have something built for you if it didn't i would be mad. Worth it!

Fun to pass.time by with and so much better than minecraft but to many god dang ads Fabulous!

It's weird but the bots asked me what's my name,what's my age and where am I located it's taking our information it's asking personal questions and one of the bots told me to tell her a story it's too creepy but cute Fabulous!

I love this game its pretty neat and Superb!

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