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Unable to log in? I can't log in to my account via the app, despite uninstalling/reinstalling and changing my password. Cool

Fun Fun game. Little bit leggy, but nothing I can't deal with. Does seem to have a lot of problems loading though. Some days it won't load at all, others it works without a hitch. Fabulous!

Still not syncing Nice ang engaging. Level difficulty increases making it enjoyable. Very smooth thanks to the knew update. Very good game. Still having issues with syncing the account but it is fun to play. Have to reinstall to ha e it sync with my account. Flawless

Neopets ghoul catchers I like this game so far. Easy to play and earn neopoints to use for my neopets on the main site. Wish there was a no ads version. Recommend

It's a fun but laggy game It takes a long time to load and it wouldn't connect me to my account to right away. I had to wait the night. The game itself is fun but I find it to be very laggy and loads slowly Fantastic

Login Only let's me play as a guest won't let me login any way if I do it freezes. It finally let me login :) Just wow

Load screen After downloading the application, all it did is stay on the load screen. Uninstalled Marvelous

Okay Better since they fixed some thing but it still has lots and lots of glitches and crashes. I always have to close the program or reinstall to fix. Sometimes it feels like a pay to win and then later all the levels are too ridiculously easy. Perfect

Much improved! But gets stuck on Lagging screen. Recent updates have made the game much faster! This is a huge improvement! There's still some lag in logging in and loading between screens, but none while actually playing. The game itself is a fun little take on a match 3 puzzle. UPDATE: Sometimes it gets stuck on the loading screen while trying to log in. Then it can't be played . Well done!!

Great Game I get the neopoints, it isn't slow and I don't need to buy anything. Not too many ads either. Perfect!

Useful for earning daily NP, that's about it Would be cool if there was a daily luck draw or chance wheels to win additional powerups / moves like most games of these kind have. Game stopped working for me a few days ago when it used to run fine, can't get past the login screen anymore. Please fix! Go well

Loading issues I have fun playing and earning when it works, but half the time it won't load past opening screen. Will be happy to rate higher when fixed. (LG G Flex) Great!

A little slow... It's pretty slow but its kind of fun too. It would be way cool if the points I achieved would be equal to the neopoints I would earned, that would possibly make it have higher ratings . But overall it's just slow to me Pretty good

Can't connect my Neopets accounts! I can input my username and password but when I login it says input your username love it

Ghoul Catcher Quite slow still at times, takes a while for the next house to load. Other than that quite an addictive game and a great way to get loads of points on neopets! Well just to add that the game was working fine and now won't get past the loading stage. Not great. Fabulous!

Pretty good Works awesome pretty fun only thinks it's a little slow and rough on the loading screen but besides that love it :) Superb!

Not loading I was loving the speed of the new update, but not it wont go past the loading screen Worth a go!

That update was the saviour! That last update was much, much needed. The game flows fast now, the graphics are nice, more levels and prizes, everything. Perfect! Works great

Still can't play it Despite being out for some time now, the game still won't accept my username and password. Must have

Game freezes in middle of level I get neopoints fine. No problem receiving items or points. Wish that the special items would reappear after 24 hours or so, similar to Farm Hero Saga. Would make game much more appealing. Game freezes and will not return when playing any level sometimes. Very irritating when you're on a roll and you can't return to the same game. Please fix this for full stars! :) Good

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