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Very buggy Screen regularly freezes, there are glitches in the animation, and some levels are hard to beat more because of poor game mechanics than the level of skill r required. Only reason I didn't give this game one star is that at least the neopoints and items are coming through to my account properly. Highly Recommend.

Sony Xperia Z2 Neopian for 12+ years--Game itself is pretty fun! I like being able to get Neopoints/interact with Neopets thematically on the go. Unfortunately the app freezes often when trying to load between levels, and has crashed entirely once (before level 5). I'm also only able to access settings intermittently, which is a bummer because sometimes I'd like to turn the sound off and play my own music. A good app, just could use some work around the edges. Marvelous

Typical spend real dollars to advance Too bad its a fun puzzle type game. But no way to advance in the upper levels unless you pay. Great!

Loading issues fixed! Had loading issues at first, but has since been a great way to pass time while earning NP! Thanks for quickly addressing the bugs. Five stars! (LG G Flex) Well done!!

Finally hard levels I like it but it is hard on some of the newer levels which makes it challenging but I know if I can't beat the level my daughter doesn't stand a chance on hers. 5 star

Neopian for over 11 years I'm so excited for neopets, because of this app. I have never rated/reviewed an app, but this game is great! I hope this means more apps to come. This is the perfect direction to go and allows users who don't always have time to play neopian games on an actual computer to earn more neopoints on the go. Just wow

Awesome! After the update it started running smoothly, plus I like that I could earn neopoints and items from this, Neopets is stepping up their game! I hope to see more content like this from them. I wish you guys luck. Muito bom!

Exactly what you expect. Fun and challenging, but suffers from the same p2w philosophy of the genre. Advancing past level 40 isn't impossible without paying, but very time consuming. There are a few bugs, but they are more beneficial to the player than detrimental. Worth a go!

Good Nice ang engaging. Level difficulty increases making it enjoyable. Very smooth thanks to the knew update. Very good game. Slow to load between levels and the map. Good way to make NP. Wish there was no NP cap. Worth it!

Good, a few tweaks and it could be great! I am so thrilled to finally have a way to earn neopoints since I can't do much of anything on the site on my phone! It is fun but there is quite a bit of lag and lengthy loading screen time (is this a cruel joke to reflect the site's lag?) It would be nice if combos and skyfalls multiplied points like other match 3 games and please do away with the neopoint earning cap! Thanks for finally making something mobile friendly ^_^ Brilliant

Ok I like this game because it's fun and I can earn Neopoints from my phone! I only wish we got bonuses for making long combo chains. Otherwise it's great Amazing!

Buggy Freezes a lot so I usually have to go in and force stop it. Other than that, it is a fun game. Some pretty challenging levels and like most games, it wants you to buy powerups but you can play without them. Superb!

Excited Finally, I can earn neopoints without having to sit at my desktop or carry a tablet. I hope they make more mobile friendly apps for neopets! Omg

Easy way to earn NP I like this game since I can play it on my phone without having to log off the computer. It is an easy way to earn NP. I have had no issues receiving items on my account. Most of my loading problems tend to be related to the Internet connection or if my phone has gone to sleep during a level. Enjoy it!

Good for earning NP Recently downloaded on my Android phone so I could do something different to earn NP. I'm annoyed at how often the game freezes; it gets stuck on the loading screen A LOT. I got through Brightvale with 50 stars just fine, so I don't think it's too challenging. But it would be nice if you could earn power ups by playing the game instead of purchasing them. It's not like Neopets doesn't already make plenty of money off Neocash. Fantastic

Meh. Another typical "freemium" game. Once you get to the more advanced levels, expect to have to pay or nag your Facebook friends for more lives in order to advance. Also, as other users have stated, there is a lot of lag. It's a decent way to kill time, but there isn't anything really unique about it. It's basically another version of Candy Crush. Good

No more neopoints? Seam like after 50k neopoints the app stops rewarding you them even though it says "1000 neopoints have been added..." Is there a cap on this, and is it permanent because i made that yesterday and it hasn't gone up today after playing. Perfect

Was Good until.... Was pretty fine with the app, easy to earn NP, untill it stopped giving me NP for completing the levels.... 30-40k I don't have =_= Works perfectly

Still lots of bugs It would be a fun game (definitely addicting), however I'm a bit peeved that I selected a power up, then realized I didn't want to use it, but couldn't figure out how to de-select it. I was forced to exit the level, which not only ate the power up I DIDN'T use, but also ate a life. When the power ups cost real money and you rarely get them outside of spending real money, and lives take 20 minutes to refill for ONE, this is a big issue. 5 star

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