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Pretty good The game works well. The puzzles are not too tough to discourage players. Linking your neopets account earns you neopoints which is nice. They need to make more mobile games for neopets for sure! :D wow lol

Nice add-on Bit glitchy with what seems like a daily limit on the rewards you can receive but no limit on fun and challenging game play if you don't mind a wait 4 loading. Logs me out on occasion but still fun to play as a side-along app to my neopets account. I'd give it a four if it didn't log me out and close itself so often.

Such amaze much wow It's been many years since I last played this. its nice to see new things and that some things staying the same.

It's okay It's a good way to earn nps on the go. But the game will freeze up sometimes and you will lose a life because you had to restart the game. It runs slow. If jumpstart was smart they'd put more time into fixing these issues. But, like I said, a good way to gain nps.

Good NP, mediocre app It's a good NP generator, but it freezes a lot, and it has ads, which doesn't make sense when this game basically is an ad, but worse they are ads for things like fifty shades of grey. Which is astounding considering how neopets has strict filters to ensure they are child friendly, to the point that you can't even talk about current events on the chat boards on they main site.

fun game, but some issues The game is fun, the lag playing the game is not. Although it's not to bad, more annoying than anything. It also doesn't remember you when you check the box. There are small minor glitches, but the game is fun.

Just got it and will keep playing! I haven't had any issues and it is pretty fun! I will keep it around for a long time, I believe!

Continues to stop working Hard to play because the crash or something but I have to close the app every time, and restart. I would rate it 1 star if I lose anything more than my score to complete the level. If they could fix this problem I would be more than happy to rate this app a 5 star. Please fix soon. ÷)

So slow Really fun game, but its so slow and laggy its almost unplayable. 5 stars if this issue is resolved!

Too difficult. I would give it 5 stars, but in order to beat some of the levels, you have to buy sucks. /:

Fun game but freezes and a pain to load The game freezes frequently, requiring exiting the app and starting the level over. It also takes forever to load everything; I would much rather have less fancy graphics and special effects than have to wait forever to load a level.

Level 109 Has been a fun game with a few minor bugs for some time. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who has passed level 109 without purchasing power-ups. Most sad... As for people who were restarted at level one after an update, this was fixed (for me at least) and 2 days later I was back (and stuck) at level 109. For reference, I have 3 stars on every board up to, and including, level 109.

Game is good, but new update deleted all progress! I like this game, but there was just an automatic update so that they now include pop up ads in between levels. The ads are only slightly annoying, but i'm pretty unhappy that ALL of my levels and stars earned were DELETED. For those of us who paid money, which with how the game is designed you pretty much have to do in order to get passed some of the higher levels even if it was just .99, it's incredibly ANNOYING and feels like a COMPLETE WASTE!

Decent attempt (Just downloaded) TNT have been devoted to their player base for over a decade now, but I haven't seen this level of innovation since the site was revamped in the mid noughties. NP bonuses are a little extravagant comparative to the Games Room but apparently that doesn't last too long? Citation needed here. Connecting our phones to our neo account and making it worthwhile must have been difficult, but we'll executed. Besides some lag issues (But that's kind of TNT's gig, don't stew on it too much) it is a solid CC rip

Not bad On my android phone every time i'd try to play it it would go to my home screen If I rated it it would of been a 1. I'm Rating it a four on my New tablet I like this app it works I'd give it a 5 but it Freezes all the time. This app needs to be improved. My neopets user is Kittykat_10122 Feel free to send me Gifts & NPS.

Login issue I love this game but there is problem to login. It appears "login parent failed" . 3 days cannot play ! Even unable to play as guest. Please help. Besides that, sometimes i do not receive any NP for completing the level.

Great Game, Just Laggy! I like the game, I hope it sticks around!! It's just a little time consuming mechanics-wise; the graphics aren't super smooth. Also, it's a little immersive straight from the beginning, but in a way that makes me confused and disconnected a little. Maybe some background story or intro might help!

Way to go, JumpStart! I am glad that you've brought back a mobile platform for Neopets. As I was just a wee lass during the days of Lutari Island I am happy to play this game! I do have to close and reopen the app pretty often due to it freezing, but otherwise I am a huge fan. I hope to see more mobile integration with Neopets in the future!

Good, but minor issues. This game is awesome for neopoints and it helps you can replay levels as much as you want and still earn neopoints, even after you beat it. I will sit there just playing the second level over and over and end up with thousands of neopoints in under ten minutes. However I do this because the levels are SO hard at only around the 14 mark! Come on! The lag is an issue and my game has crashed, but its not too bad. All in all, make the levels easier and try and clean up a little lag and you have an amazing game!

Eh-eh I enjoy puzzle games like this but is really underwhelming, especially next to others in the genre. I like getting NPs though, so will continue to play despite some of the small glitches and sometimes sorry look to it. Some of the levels are way harder than they should be, especially for being early on. Even for p2w games in general, this feels even more money grabby. You can turn off sound and music but it always plays at the beginning. Unfortunate for us night players. Could be great eventually with work.

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